Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Have you already heard of the new cosplay site called WorldCosplay? :)
Well, if you didn't know of this new site, now you know! :)
It's been up for just four days, but there's a lot of users already from all over the world! :)

This site resembles curecos.com but I think this one is much better!
It's really simple and you can log in using your facebook and/or twitter too! :)

You can follow other ppl and fav their photos~

There's also some kind of ranking system that ranks you in the cosplay world (that really got me competitive, haha!)

I haven't found anything negative about this site in these two days as I've been a member there.. I really like this, even more than cosplay.com or deviantART.. :)

Only thing that is a negative one is that because the site is new there's some characters that are missing from their list (for example Chidori Yoshino from Persona 3, same for Artemisia that is from the same game.. and then one character that I've cosplayed as was missing too), but those kind of problems can be fixed with time, so I don't care about that that much :)

If you got interested go check it out :)

Yours truly can be found here!



  1. I also joined but only because everyone else did too.. :)
    Awesome photos btw!

  2. I noticed that you joined too and I'm following you over there if you haven't noticed :D
    Thanks, I just took those photos from the site :'D