Thursday, December 22, 2011

Make up inspired by Venetian Medusa

Do you know Pet Shop of Horrors?
Good if you know, then you the character I'm referring to (or ppl who watch Ryoko-demon at dA) :D
Any ways.. After my trip to London I've been lazy. I mean, really lazy.. I haven't done anything that has something to do with cosplay.. :( Well, I did mirror those Merlotte's logos so I could print them, buuuuut.. Yeah :D

But I have done one make up, actually.. I really love Medusa in the series (there's many reasons, one is because of the myth behind her, I just love Greece mythology.. :3) and when I saw the Venetian version of her I fell in love with it! It inspired me to play with my make ups.. :) Here's the version I'm talking about, if you don't know about it already! :)

So that's the one I'm talking about! :)
So, I used the same colors that she has on her mask, just playing around a little and getting some inspiration from LadyGinerva too.. :)

This is what I ended up doing (I didn't know if I only wanted to add unedited or edited photos, so I added both~ :D)

So.. This make up was made for fun and I did have fun doing it :D I was in the middle of doing this when my mom called me (she had something to say.. Can't remember anymore what that was..), you should have seen her face, lol xD

If you want to know what I used, here's a list:
- Red Electro Lens, InnoVision Lens
- Ruddy Ultra Fair 1 foundation, Joe Blasco Cosmetics
- white powder, StarGazer
- fake lashes, miss eylure
- Eyeshadow palette, H&M

Hmm.. I guess that's it..
Hopefully I'll get rid of my lazyness soon and start making my costumes!
Oh, and thank you, Suwi, for your email! :) It really made my day, I'll reply to you soon~ :)


ps. Remember my tuto about covering your eyebrows? Well, I turned that into a viddie too~ You can found it from here! :)


  1. Very nice o3o i wanna see the actualy make up also on you 8D <3

  2. Thanks!! :D
    I guess I'll try to make that too some time, but we'll see! :)
    If I end up doing this cosplay then I'll surely do the real make up too :D