Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Desucon Frostbite - Costume update #2

Guess what?
I've finally done something! I've reached the point, where my Jessica cosplay has been done and I'm sooo happy! :) That means one cosplay less to do! :) (still, 2 left for me and 1 for a friend of mine.. and I'm also helping my sister with her costume, I guess :'D)

Here's some progress photos of my Jessica cosplay~

Choose the right size and cut it! How easy is that?

T-shirt is ready! Wuhuu!

Choco wanted to help me, haha :D
Bad photo, I blame my sister (took the photo) :'D

And as you can see I have all things for my Jessica cosplay, so I'm ready! :) I think this is first time I've finished a costume for a convention this early (still 18 days to Desucon Frostbite!) :'D But I still have two other costumes to do, soo~

I haven't really progressed with those costumes.. All I've done is this to the shoes..

I added some water bags inside the shoes and put those to our freezer.. :') I'll take those out on Friday and what I hope that has happened to them? Well, I hope they loosened a little.. Because those shoes are pretty tight and I don't want to have any blisters after my weekend at Lahti :( And..

I've also helped my sister to style her wig (she cosplays Kizuna Hyuga from Strawberry Panic), here's the wig before we did anything to it~

And then the styled version:

I think it's so cute, haha :D
That's pretty much it.. Tomorrow I'll go to a fabric store to buy fabrics for my Chikaru cosplay and then hopefully finish it before the year changes :D Next update comes when that costume has been done~


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