Saturday, December 3, 2011

Desucon Frostbite - Costume update #1

So.. I thought that now is a good time to do my first update about my costumes for Desucon Frostbite, because I'm in the point where I can finally (like I couldn't start doing those already!!) start doing the rest of the stuff that I'm not going to get from stores, etc :D

I'm only talking about my Chikaru Minamoto and Jessica Hamby cosplays, 'cause I don't want to tell too much about my secret cosplay, so let's keep that as a secret until Frostbite, right? :D (hints that I've given can be found here!) Oh, and I'm going to be there as these characters on Saturday, if you didn't know that :D

First here's the stuff that I've already got for my Chikaru cosplay! :)
- Wig
- Cardigan
- Socks
- Shoes

ps. I have a new camera, Nikon D7000 with Tamron lens (18-270mm) :D

What I still need to do?
- Style the wig a little, all I have to do is small braids :)
- Two bows she has as pins in her hair
- Sailor-collar
- Skirt
- Paint the shoes with dark brown paint :)

So, there ain't much to do when it comes to this cosplay :D It's almost done, yay! :) Atleast I feel like that :'D

And, another costume I've almost "done" (I could say bought, because this is so easy one, all basic stuff that can be bought..)
Here's my Jessica cosplay atm:

As you can see, there's almost nothing left to do anymore.. And everything that you can see has been bought..  Why I don't feel like a winner with this one? Dunno.. Maybe it's too easy one :'D
But still.. I need to do the logo on the t-shirt.. But I'm going to do the apron too, just as something extra :D

Next update coming when I have finished one costume~


ps. Are you coming to Desucon Frostbite? And if you are, who are you going to cosplay? :D Or are you coming in casual clothes? :)

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