Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Desucon Frostbite - Costume update #2

Guess what?
I've finally done something! I've reached the point, where my Jessica cosplay has been done and I'm sooo happy! :) That means one cosplay less to do! :) (still, 2 left for me and 1 for a friend of mine.. and I'm also helping my sister with her costume, I guess :'D)

Here's some progress photos of my Jessica cosplay~

Choose the right size and cut it! How easy is that?

T-shirt is ready! Wuhuu!

Choco wanted to help me, haha :D
Bad photo, I blame my sister (took the photo) :'D

And as you can see I have all things for my Jessica cosplay, so I'm ready! :) I think this is first time I've finished a costume for a convention this early (still 18 days to Desucon Frostbite!) :'D But I still have two other costumes to do, soo~

I haven't really progressed with those costumes.. All I've done is this to the shoes..

I added some water bags inside the shoes and put those to our freezer.. :') I'll take those out on Friday and what I hope that has happened to them? Well, I hope they loosened a little.. Because those shoes are pretty tight and I don't want to have any blisters after my weekend at Lahti :( And..

I've also helped my sister to style her wig (she cosplays Kizuna Hyuga from Strawberry Panic), here's the wig before we did anything to it~

And then the styled version:

I think it's so cute, haha :D
That's pretty much it.. Tomorrow I'll go to a fabric store to buy fabrics for my Chikaru cosplay and then hopefully finish it before the year changes :D Next update comes when that costume has been done~



Have you already heard of the new cosplay site called WorldCosplay? :)
Well, if you didn't know of this new site, now you know! :)
It's been up for just four days, but there's a lot of users already from all over the world! :)

This site resembles curecos.com but I think this one is much better!
It's really simple and you can log in using your facebook and/or twitter too! :)

You can follow other ppl and fav their photos~

There's also some kind of ranking system that ranks you in the cosplay world (that really got me competitive, haha!)

I haven't found anything negative about this site in these two days as I've been a member there.. I really like this, even more than cosplay.com or deviantART.. :)

Only thing that is a negative one is that because the site is new there's some characters that are missing from their list (for example Chidori Yoshino from Persona 3, same for Artemisia that is from the same game.. and then one character that I've cosplayed as was missing too), but those kind of problems can be fixed with time, so I don't care about that that much :)

If you got interested go check it out :)

Yours truly can be found here!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I wish all my readers awesome christmas (and to other ppl too, ofc!!), hopefully you'll have a good day today! :)
I'm going to spent this day with my family and we will do some stuff we do every year:
Go to graveyard, eat good food, go to sauna and have fun with all the members of the family (play games and stuff like that)! :) And ofc, we will open presents in the evening, haha! :)

Does your family have some christmas traditions? :) I'd love to know~


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Make up inspired by Venetian Medusa

Do you know Pet Shop of Horrors?
Good if you know, then you the character I'm referring to (or ppl who watch Ryoko-demon at dA) :D
Any ways.. After my trip to London I've been lazy. I mean, really lazy.. I haven't done anything that has something to do with cosplay.. :( Well, I did mirror those Merlotte's logos so I could print them, buuuuut.. Yeah :D

But I have done one make up, actually.. I really love Medusa in the series (there's many reasons, one is because of the myth behind her, I just love Greece mythology.. :3) and when I saw the Venetian version of her I fell in love with it! It inspired me to play with my make ups.. :) Here's the version I'm talking about, if you don't know about it already! :)

So that's the one I'm talking about! :)
So, I used the same colors that she has on her mask, just playing around a little and getting some inspiration from LadyGinerva too.. :)

This is what I ended up doing (I didn't know if I only wanted to add unedited or edited photos, so I added both~ :D)

So.. This make up was made for fun and I did have fun doing it :D I was in the middle of doing this when my mom called me (she had something to say.. Can't remember anymore what that was..), you should have seen her face, lol xD

If you want to know what I used, here's a list:
- Red Electro Lens, InnoVision Lens
- Ruddy Ultra Fair 1 foundation, Joe Blasco Cosmetics
- white powder, StarGazer
- fake lashes, miss eylure
- Eyeshadow palette, H&M

Hmm.. I guess that's it..
Hopefully I'll get rid of my lazyness soon and start making my costumes!
Oh, and thank you, Suwi, for your email! :) It really made my day, I'll reply to you soon~ :)


ps. Remember my tuto about covering your eyebrows? Well, I turned that into a viddie too~ You can found it from here! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Everybody likes make up viddies

Remember how I did a Yu Meiren make up in.. August? :D You can find that post here!
So.. when I made that make up I did record it, so today I decided finally go through it and made this viddie of it.. It has some herp derp-times, because my program that I used to make this ain't a good one, so I wasn't able to cut out all the herp derp moments, but I guess that makes this viddie what it is, haha :D

And couple web cam photos of this make up~

With fake lash - and without! See the difference? :D

I'm still going to do this cosplay, even though I haven't written anything about it :)
I'm just going to use time with the costume and I'm not going to hurry with it :)

'Till next time~


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Desucon Frostbite - Costume update #1

So.. I thought that now is a good time to do my first update about my costumes for Desucon Frostbite, because I'm in the point where I can finally (like I couldn't start doing those already!!) start doing the rest of the stuff that I'm not going to get from stores, etc :D

I'm only talking about my Chikaru Minamoto and Jessica Hamby cosplays, 'cause I don't want to tell too much about my secret cosplay, so let's keep that as a secret until Frostbite, right? :D (hints that I've given can be found here!) Oh, and I'm going to be there as these characters on Saturday, if you didn't know that :D

First here's the stuff that I've already got for my Chikaru cosplay! :)
- Wig
- Cardigan
- Socks
- Shoes

ps. I have a new camera, Nikon D7000 with Tamron lens (18-270mm) :D

What I still need to do?
- Style the wig a little, all I have to do is small braids :)
- Two bows she has as pins in her hair
- Sailor-collar
- Skirt
- Paint the shoes with dark brown paint :)

So, there ain't much to do when it comes to this cosplay :D It's almost done, yay! :) Atleast I feel like that :'D

And, another costume I've almost "done" (I could say bought, because this is so easy one, all basic stuff that can be bought..)
Here's my Jessica cosplay atm:

As you can see, there's almost nothing left to do anymore.. And everything that you can see has been bought..  Why I don't feel like a winner with this one? Dunno.. Maybe it's too easy one :'D
But still.. I need to do the logo on the t-shirt.. But I'm going to do the apron too, just as something extra :D

Next update coming when I have finished one costume~


ps. Are you coming to Desucon Frostbite? And if you are, who are you going to cosplay? :D Or are you coming in casual clothes? :)