Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Non-cosplay photoshoot #2 with Lily

I thought that I could share some of my photography with you all, once again! :D
I still don't have any cosplay related posts coming, but I want to blog so.. Deal with it :'D
But some of the things I've bought have already arrived! But I'm still waiting for the rest of my things.. :) So no cosplay posts before I've got them all! :)

But about the photoshoot~
So.. It was 14.11.2011 when we had this photoshoot..
I went straight from work to Lily's place, we did have some tea first and after that I started doing her make-up, etc :) We had really good time while listening to music as we were shooting :D
We didn't really have one particular theme, but it was something mixed up with Alice in Wonderland and Kanon Wakeshima's "Still Doll".. :)
I think we got some pretty neat photos and that's one reason I'm sharing these with you anyway, lol :'D
So, as model there's Lily
Photosgraphy, make-up, styling and retouch is made by me :)
Dress is from 59Seconds
Necklaces are from Seppälä and Gran Canaria
and the headband is made by Jaakko Rintala :)

Here's the photos~

And we had another look too, here's one photo of that look~ We called it "Tuksu"-look (we named this look after one finnish wanna-be celebrity, Johanna Tukiainen, if you don't know her, google her..)

But I think Lily really knew how to pull that look off :'D
Hopefully I'll be able to finish one costume this weekend, if I'm able to do that, I'll be blogging about it as soon as possible :)
Btw, I'm not going to do any christmas-calendar in my blog, but hopefully there's going to be many of you that will have one, so that I can enjoy of those! :D Omg, December 1st is already tomorrow! Only 6 weeks left and then there's Desucon Frostbite! :)