Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let's have blue eyebrows!!

Well.. There's nothing going on here atm.. I'm still in progress for gathering things up (shoes, cardigans etc) for my cosplays (you know, those things I just can't make by myself).. I have 5 different packages coming to my address atm, but none has arrived yet :( And I'm bad at starting making things before I have all I need, so there's going to be a while before I post any wip photos.. :/

But! Today I went through my old albums at my computer and I found something interesting..
I made a "tutorial" last summer, just for fun, about how I cover my eyebrows and get that amazing blue color on them etc :) So I thought about sharing these  photos with you even though this is pretty simple and basic thing.. :D

I'm sorry for the bad web-cam quality (lol), but do enjoy :'D 

First: here's my eyebrows, they are dark and pretty dense too..

So what do I do? Here's my answer:

I use basic paper glue, this one is really good glue, it's by Scotch~
What I do is put that glue on my eyebrows, and I spread it in the same direction as the hair of my eyebrows goes :D 

After that I put on some foundation~
Mine is from Joe Blasco~ It's really good! (and expensive, buhuuuuu :( )

You can see, that my eyebrows are pretty much covered.. Because those are so dark, they still are visible, but it doesn't matter, when they ain't darker that the color I'm putting on..

I also used my powder on top of the foundation, to make it more attached and more matte like :D

After the eyebrows are covered, all you do is start drawing your eyebrows in the color you want them to be, I made mine blue this time~

When drawing your eyebrows it's good to follow-up the cahacters eyebrows that you are cosplaying as, but! The best shape of eyebrows that suit you is naturally the shape that your eyebrows are already! So my advise would be for you: follow your natural eyebrow and do small strokes! :) It's the best way to get a natural look :)

Then do the other one too! :)
I also used some eyeshadow on top of the eyebrow, to make my eyebrows look more matte too, because that eyeliner that I used as base had some shimmer in it..

And then you are done!

It's easy and simple, and all of this are basics, but I hope you enjoyed this! :)
Hopefully soon I can write about my Frostbite costumes! :D


ps. thank you for over 31 000 pageviews, I love you all! :3


  1. Siis onks toi puikkoliima ihan semmoista perusliimaa mitä saa just Tiimarista ja silleen? xD Mitä se sisältää, onks vedenpitävä?

    1. Voi ei mikä kysymys! Täytyi ihan etsiä tuo liima käsiini, jotta voisin vastata, mutta ei sekään auttanut, kun tuossa etiketissä ei lue mitään tarkempia tietoja, paitsi että "liima" :')
      Mutta omasta mielestäni se on tavallinen paperiliima, kovinkaan vedenkestävähän se ei oikeastaan ole, koska sen voi ihan vain tavallisella vedellä (ja saippualla) pestä pois, mutta se kyllä kestää hyvin coni päivän ajan, ainakin itselläni on kestänyt! :) Niin ja scotchin omillakin sivuilla lukee vain, että on vesipohjainen ja liuotinvapaa :)