Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silent times

Well.. There's nothing special going on atm when it comes to cosplay, I haven't started making any new costumes (I've been lazy), but I've been buying new wigs and now I'm waiting for one auction in eBay to end.. So I'm just gathering stuff atm, but hopefully I'll be able to start my making my costumes soon..

But I think that now I'm just updating all the new stuff, so I'm gonna talk about what I've bought and what I will buy, so this post ain't that special.. But I promise that I will post a way more special post (!!!!) on next Tuesday, 1.11!! Because that day I'll turn 20 years old :'D But yeah~

I got one wig over a week ago, and I was supposed to use it when I'm going to cosplay Jessica Hamby (from True Blood) but.. The wig I got was too dark and well.. Not so copper.. So I'm not sure if I'll use it or sell or use in some different cosplay, we'll see.. :) But I did take a test photo to see if I could pull off the character, here's the test photo~

What do you think? :D I want to hear some honest opinions~ :)

And.. I got myself a new cosplay project too.. Because I joined this Strawberry Panic!-group my friend is having~ I'm going to cosplay as Chikaru Minamoto:

I'm still looking for a wig for this cosplay, but I already have found one good (and cheap), I'm just waiting for my next paycheck before I buy it :'D I've also found a good cardigan (mens *cough cough*) that I may buy~ :) 

Hmm.. I also placed a bid to some pretty classic loafers, for this and also for my secret cosplay, I'm the only bidder, so hopefully I'll get these (and the auction is ending soon~)

The only thing I'm gonna do to these is to paint them dark brown.. :) But these are so cheap that it's no big deal :)

Hmm.. That's pretty much all, not much but still something.. :) But I know that I have to start making my costumes soon, because I know what happens if I leave them waiting etc.. :')

Other new thing:
My sister has now a deviantART account too~ There's not much, because she has only one costume (Wendy from Kuroshitsuji) atm, but she has some plans:
- Alice ~ Alice in Wonderland (Disney cartoon)
Kizuna Hyūga ~ Strawberry Panic!

So yes, she's also part of our Strawberry Panic!-group :) We have the main 12 characters~ And this group can be seen at Desucon Frostbite (Saturday)~
Here's one picture of her Wendy cosplay:

So this and more can be found from her deviantART account: ElyonToWendy

Well.. 'Till next time and that's on 1.11~ ;D



  1. Kyllä, Jessica, KYLLÄ! Eipä mulla muuta :3

  2. Ihanaa kuulla, että Jessica on haluttu!! :'D