Thursday, October 27, 2011

How hard can it be to choose a pair of knickers?

Another post, and so soon! OMG!
Well.. I didn't have anything nice to do and Ilona (blame her for this) had a nice GIF in the end of her newest blog post.. Sooooo~
I remebered that in the studio photoshoot with Ninnu we took some.. NICE pictures of Panty having a hard time to choose a pair of knickers.. So.. *evil laugh* Here's something fun I made:

Ninnu as Panty (costume handmade by her)
I'm behind the camera~

At least I had some fun making this :'D Hopefully ppl will have fun watching this :'D

Oh, I made this using Photoshop CS5, if you want to know :D It's really easy to make a GIF animation, so if you want to know some tips, etc, just ask~ :)


ps. I made some other GIFs too, but I didn't want to make another entry for them, so here are those: