Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I just love Halloween, so I wanted to do a special post for it~ :)
Some ppl might know that I don't like scary stuff, I don't watch horror movies (except for Battle Royale, but it's not really a horror movie..).. But I love it for other reasons.. :) I like to dress up and stuff like that :) And I have always celebrated my birthday together with halloween (because halloween is on 31.10 and my birthday is 1.11 :) )so I have a lot of good memories of halloween.. :)

Did you celebrate halloween in anyway? Did you dress up or celebrate in some other way? :) I went to Tampere for the last weekend and partied with my friends :) And today I just made this make-up and took some pics.. :) My make-up is pretty basic, because I don't have anything special stuff like scar wax or fake blood atm.. But here's the pictures:

Yeah :'D

And I have to share this song (and viddie) with you all:

I just loooove this song and I really love it when Marilyn Manson is the singer<3 :3
There's also new viddie that is this years, but.. I don't like it.. :( Because no one else can really pull this song like it's supposed to.. :) But if you wanna see and hear it, here's a link to it.. :)

And why we don't have houses decorated like that house in Finland? :(
I'll do another post soon, because tomorrow is my 20th b-day~ But I don't think that I can do it for tomorrow, so I guess I'll do it on Wednesday or Thursday.. :)
'Till next time~



  1. Battle Royale is one of my all time favourites. And you don't get a cooler house than that hey?

  2. Battle Royale is awesome!
    Well, I love the song, that's one reason I picked that house :D