Friday, September 9, 2011

Tracon VI

So.. Last weekend I went to Tracon VI (as the title already says, heh) and I did a new cosplay there.. :) We we're supposed to have a group, but then people couldn't make it (sick, no place to stay, etc.. :/) so it ended up as a pair cosplay with my sister :) So the character I cosplayed as was Beast, she's from Kuroshitsuji (she appears only in the manga) and is part of "Noah's Ark Circus" as wild animal trainer :) My sister cosplayed as Wendy from the same manga and Wendy is also part of "Noah's Ark Circus", but she works with Peter as a trapeze artist. :)

So here's a picture of our cosplays..

© Ane-ue
Gotta say that I'm pretty proud of my sister.. :) This was her first cosplay and she did almost everything by herself :) All I did was some helping with her wig, but all the other things she made by herself/with some help from our grandma :)

I only wore this on Saturday, and because of it I didn't go watch anything.. I was just hanging around and we took some pictures by that lake that was near..

So.. I used the whole week before convention to make this cosplay.. I started on Sunday and used all my days 'till Friday.. Of course I went to work too, so my time that I could use in doing my costume was 3 p.m. to 8-9 p.m. (because I have a little brother that goes sleeping early and sewing machines ain't that quiet..) So that's why I had to leave a little earlier on Thursday and on Friday I went to work for only 1 hour.. :/ But at least I got it made on time!

© Ninnu
It's also funny how ppl didn't recognize the character (or not, whatever :D).. It maybe because she's from the manga but I was happy that there are some Kuro-fans out there that do recognize characters from the manga too.. :)

© Ninnu
I still have some things in my costume that I want to make better, like the gloves, etc :) And thanks to one solution, I couldn't sit at all.. :'D Next time I won't go for the cheap and easy, but I'll buy real garters, lol :'D

© Ninnu
But I'm pretty pleased in my costume (except those gloves and garters).. :) I'll be wearing this costume again in Desucon next year, and then we'll have more characters from Noah's Ark Circus, atm there's: Joker, Beast, Doll, Wendy and Peter.. I may get one friend to cosplay Black (Sebastian) and my brother to do Snake or Dagger.. So.. There's still some characters left if you are interested ;D Those are: Smile (Ciel), Suit (William), Jumbo and Snake/Dagger, so leave a comment if you want to join us ;D

So like I told you, I cosplayed only on Saturday and at Sunday I looked like this:

Pink wig, Liz Lisa-dress, white lace stockings and I also had dark brown heels :)

On this day I didn't do that much either, just hanging with friends and shopping some things like manga and.. This plushie:

Gotta love it<3 :'D It's my new friend :')

The only programmed thing that I went to watch was this Cosplay competition where they judged your performance.. I.. Don't know what to say.. Sometimes I couldn't even watch those performances, I was ashamed for them :'D And what's with all that BL? :O So much of it.. And I don't think that it was a good thing.. :( But there was some really good performances too.. :) Like that bunny one, it was really good and entertaining :)

© Eve
I guess Tracon VI was my last convention for this year and next one I'm going to is going to be Desucon Frostbite.. :) I have already decided what to cosplay there and I'm starting some new projects now that I have time to do costumes and stuff :) So I'm starting with that Frostbite outfit and with Yu Meiren :) I'm gonna do Yu's weapon in the next few weeks, so I'm going to write about my first real prop and also I have other things in my mind that I wan't to talk about, so stay tuned~ :)

And I'm also going to add some picture's I tooked at Tracon here as soon as I can (and also Animecon pictures)~