Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tracon VI - Behind the camera

So, as I said yesterday, I'm going to add some pictures I've taken at Tracon VI.. So,  didn't take that many pictures, wich is.. weird, I guess.. We didn't have any big photoshoot, so that might be the reason for the lack of pictures.. So, I've taken and edited these pictures and the costumes that the cosplayers are wearing are made by them.. :)

Here's some picture's of Lineartt cosplaying Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Then there's Mollamaija as Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing from Hellsing

And after that Ninnu as Ferio from Magic Knight Rayearth.

And here's couple pictures of Ninnu with her friend cosplaying as Emeraude from the same series: Magic Knight Rayearth.

And last but not least is again Lineartt, but this time as Incubus from Zettai Meikyuu Grimm :)

She also ended up in the cosplay contest where ppl can vote for costumes online :) I don't know when they are opening it, because there's nothing on Tracon VI's site, but.. When they start the voting, go and vote ;D

So that's all the pictures I tooked at Tracon :) And I guess that tomorrow I'll also post something ;D So stay tuned~


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