Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: Innovision Lens - Electro Lence Red

So yeah, as the title says, I'm going to write a review about my newest color contact lenses :) I thought that it wouldn't hurt to write about these and that it might help others when they choose what lenses to get etc :) So here I go~

I bought these lenses to my Beast cosplay.
The shop that I got these from is Back Street.

Price : 29,90 €
B.C : 8,7 mm
DIA : 14,2 mm 
Duration : 90 days/3 months

Here's the package and the contains:

So you get:
1x Pair of contact lens
1x 40ml Cleaning solution
1x Lens case

I think that it's good thing to get the stuff you need with the lens, you don't have to go to different stores to get what you need, etc :) I was really pleased about that, because I'm not used to spend so much money in contacts that lasts only for 90 days/3 months.. :/ Well.. It's quite a long time, but still..

Here's a picture of those contacts and what they look like when you wear them:

I like this look, it's pretty natural and these lens don't give that creepy "puppy eyes from hell"-look.. And they cover your eyes natural color pretty nicely too~

Here's some close-up pictures~

I really like the naturalness these lenses have~ Way better than those plain red ones, like these.

And then a picture that shows the difference between the eye that has a contact lens and a natural one.. :)

I don't think that my eyes look that different in size, just a little, I guess.. :)

I really like these lenses and here's a list of the good and bad things:

+ natural look
+ covers nicely your own eye color
+ you get everything you need in the same package
+ makes you're eyes look tiny bit bigger

- price
- duration. I don't like the fact that they don't last that long.. I prefer 1 year lenses more :D

But I really liked these lenses and I'm happy that I bought them~ :) I don't regret buying them at all and I do recommend these~ :) I'll give them 4/5 stars~ :)



  1. Thanks babe this is great. I bought the pink ones today and with new brands I'm super paranoid about lens safety. Have ou worn these again/repeatedly and are you satisfied they're safe? I've had contact lenses of which the printed colour FLAKED OFF!!!

    1. I've heard that with some lenses that can happen: with these I've just had an amazing time! I'm actually still using these from time to time, last time was at last Halloween! The color has stayed really nicely and they are still comfy when I wear them :3 So no problemo with the color getting off/flaking off or anything like that! :)
      I really think that these are safe, at least with me they have been :)