Saturday, September 24, 2011

Non-cosplay photoshoot with Lily

I'm not gonna post anything cosplay related in awhile (that is before I got new wigs and have modified them) so I thought that I would post something about this photoshoot that I had with Lily yesterday~

She asked if I could take some photos of her, and I agreed to do that, but I had some conditions.. I wanted to be the one to decide what kind of make-up and clothes she would have :)

It tooked 2 hours to do the make-up and style her and then we left to the location where we would took the pictures (for surprise, I decided the location too :'D)..

Photography, editing, make-up, styling is all made by me :D
And Lily was my awesome model~ :)

Here's some of the pictures~ Enjoy~

I would love to be able to go have this kind of photoshoot again.. So if someone would like to model for me, it would be amazing~ :3

And hopefully I'll be able to post something about my future cosplays soon :) I have 3 sure cosplays atm for next year and I'm trying my best to start making those as soon as possible, just so that I would have more time for making those.. :')


ps. I also have a dA account for my photography (and other kind of art), if you are interested, you can check it out here~


  1. I want to be your model! *w* :DDDDDDDDDDD
    And so pretty pics~

  2. Yaaay~ :D That's great news to me, I found another victi- *cough* model for me this soon~ ;D
    And thank you~ :3

  3. The pictures were amazing, THANK YOU! :)
    Ordered normal pictures from those so I'm REALLY pleased of the results :))


  4. Well, I'm really happy that you liked these photos that much~ :)