Monday, September 5, 2011

New appearance

Hello! It's been a while and I haven't had any time to post anything.. But now I do, since  don't have to do any costume atm.. As ppl may know, I was at Tampere last weekend and I went to this convention: Tracon VI. :) I'll talk more about that and add more pictures later (hopefully tomorrow, I guess I'm too tired to do that today..).. I cosplayed as Beast from Kuroshitsuji on Saturday and tidididiidididididiii: fially I got myself a new banner for my blog :'D It tooked over a year for me to change it.. So here's my new banner:

Picture is taken by Ninnu
And ofc I changed rest of my blog to go with the banner.. Hopefully ppl like the new look of my blog~ :) Well, II'll go back to editing pictures now, so that I can do a post asap ;D


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