Sunday, September 25, 2011

Future Plans

I decided to write this now, because I'm so hyped atm and trying my best to learn a dance for one cosplay I'm doing, lol :'D So, I'm not gonna say "XX cosplay goes to XX convention" but I'll introduce the characters that I'm hoping to be able to cosplay next year :)

I have one secret cosplay, I'm going to show the wig for that when I get it and give you some tips, so you can try to guess it ;D It's a pair cosplay with Lily.. :D and we're doing these cosplays for Desucon Frostbite~

Well.. The cosplay I'm so hyped of is this one:

So, I'm having another pair cosplay this year (another is that secret one ;D).. And it's "Happy Synthesizer"-version of Gumi and Luka, as you can see in the picture :) This pair cosplay I'm also gonna do with Lily :) She will cosplay Gumi (we already have wig for it, I just need to modify it) and I'm going to be Luka :) I have to get a new wig for this cosplay.. So, here's the song:

And as I said, we're going to learn the dance this song has too :'D Here's a link to the dance, if you want to see it before hand :) We still don't know where or when we're going to cosplay these two ladies, but the time will tell :) but I think that we'll start to make these costumes soon :)

I'm still going to do Yu Meiren too.. (You might remember me trying her make up not so long ago..) but I still haven't started making that costume, hopefully I'll be able to start that one soon too.. I'm going to start with her weapon and then continue.. with the rest.. :)

Then, another new costume on my list is Artemisia (from Persona 3).. you might remember how I wanted to do Penthesilea, but now that I finally got that game for myself (everytime I thought of buying it, there wasn't any copies left..) I fell in love more with Artemisia's design.. :)

I'm starting this costume soon too, But I'll be starting with the wig and head-piece :) I already have all the materials that I need for those :) And.. I've been planning to do this for Desucon, but we'll see :) At Desucon I'm also going to cosplay as Beast, but that costume is already made, except for some details I'm gonna redo :)

And then there's also one cosplay that I wanted to do for this summer but.. Didn't make it.. And that's Rapunzel (Zettai Meikyuu Grimm) and I hpe that I can finish it for next summer.. I do have it in progress already.. :)

So.. That's pretty much it, I have four other cosplays that I would love to do too, but.. I guess those have to wait :) Next time I'll try my best to add some progress pictures~ :) And hopefully I'll get my new wig too, so I can give you some tips about that secret cosplay~ :)


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