Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New wig & hints about my secret cosplay

So, I got a new wig for that secret cosplay of mine and.. It's not like it was supposed to be like! I'm shocked! Because this wasn't first wig that I bought from that seller, to be honest, that seller is one of my favourites, because the wigs I've bought have always come to me in two weeks and they have always been like they were in the pictures that the seller had.. And this one.. Ain't like that.. *le gasp*

Here's what it was supposed to be like:

Wavy and slightly dark brown, nice! Just what I need!
And here's what I got:

Out of bag - Front view - Back view
Does this wig that I got look anything like it's supposed to be like? No, it doesn't.. But I intend to keep it, because in some pictures this character has this kind of dark brown hair and I can always make some more waves, so.. I guess I'm not that shocked any more :'D This was first time for me to receive something else that I was waiting for.. Does that happen often for other ppl? :/ Well, I'm pretty sure that I'll still buy wigs from that seller, because:

1. Free shipping
2. Low prices
3. Always 20% off from the price
4. Quality is always good (Japanese Kanekalon fibres)
5. Normally the wigs I receive are what they was supposed to be like

But enough of the wig and about that seller, I'm going to talk about this with the seller before I give any feedback, so.. Hopefully I'll get a lower price for the next wig or something like that..
But now to my secret cosplay!

I'll give you some hints and you can guess who I'm going to cosplay, if no one gets it right before January I'll tell you one week before Desucon Frostbite who it is :) And that day is 7.1.2012 :) Because Desucon Frostbite is held 14.-15.1.2012 :)

It's a secret~
So here comes the hints I promised~

1. This character has dark brown wavy hair and bangs
2. Originally this series where this character is from was an adult game but now it's also an anime
3. It was playable on PC and was later ported to Dreamcast, PS2 and PSP
4. This character is a supporting character
5. She has a younger sister
6. And in the anime she is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi

That's all~ :D I'm waiting for some guesses :'D I wish you all luck~ :)


ps. there's also one hidden hint in the number of the hints ;D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Future Plans

I decided to write this now, because I'm so hyped atm and trying my best to learn a dance for one cosplay I'm doing, lol :'D So, I'm not gonna say "XX cosplay goes to XX convention" but I'll introduce the characters that I'm hoping to be able to cosplay next year :)

I have one secret cosplay, I'm going to show the wig for that when I get it and give you some tips, so you can try to guess it ;D It's a pair cosplay with Lily.. :D and we're doing these cosplays for Desucon Frostbite~

Well.. The cosplay I'm so hyped of is this one:

So, I'm having another pair cosplay this year (another is that secret one ;D).. And it's "Happy Synthesizer"-version of Gumi and Luka, as you can see in the picture :) This pair cosplay I'm also gonna do with Lily :) She will cosplay Gumi (we already have wig for it, I just need to modify it) and I'm going to be Luka :) I have to get a new wig for this cosplay.. So, here's the song:

And as I said, we're going to learn the dance this song has too :'D Here's a link to the dance, if you want to see it before hand :) We still don't know where or when we're going to cosplay these two ladies, but the time will tell :) but I think that we'll start to make these costumes soon :)

I'm still going to do Yu Meiren too.. (You might remember me trying her make up not so long ago..) but I still haven't started making that costume, hopefully I'll be able to start that one soon too.. I'm going to start with her weapon and then continue.. with the rest.. :)

Then, another new costume on my list is Artemisia (from Persona 3).. you might remember how I wanted to do Penthesilea, but now that I finally got that game for myself (everytime I thought of buying it, there wasn't any copies left..) I fell in love more with Artemisia's design.. :)

I'm starting this costume soon too, But I'll be starting with the wig and head-piece :) I already have all the materials that I need for those :) And.. I've been planning to do this for Desucon, but we'll see :) At Desucon I'm also going to cosplay as Beast, but that costume is already made, except for some details I'm gonna redo :)

And then there's also one cosplay that I wanted to do for this summer but.. Didn't make it.. And that's Rapunzel (Zettai Meikyuu Grimm) and I hpe that I can finish it for next summer.. I do have it in progress already.. :)

So.. That's pretty much it, I have four other cosplays that I would love to do too, but.. I guess those have to wait :) Next time I'll try my best to add some progress pictures~ :) And hopefully I'll get my new wig too, so I can give you some tips about that secret cosplay~ :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Non-cosplay photoshoot with Lily

I'm not gonna post anything cosplay related in awhile (that is before I got new wigs and have modified them) so I thought that I would post something about this photoshoot that I had with Lily yesterday~

She asked if I could take some photos of her, and I agreed to do that, but I had some conditions.. I wanted to be the one to decide what kind of make-up and clothes she would have :)

It tooked 2 hours to do the make-up and style her and then we left to the location where we would took the pictures (for surprise, I decided the location too :'D)..

Photography, editing, make-up, styling is all made by me :D
And Lily was my awesome model~ :)

Here's some of the pictures~ Enjoy~

I would love to be able to go have this kind of photoshoot again.. So if someone would like to model for me, it would be amazing~ :3

And hopefully I'll be able to post something about my future cosplays soon :) I have 3 sure cosplays atm for next year and I'm trying my best to start making those as soon as possible, just so that I would have more time for making those.. :')


ps. I also have a dA account for my photography (and other kind of art), if you are interested, you can check it out here~

Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: Innovision Lens - Electro Lence Red

So yeah, as the title says, I'm going to write a review about my newest color contact lenses :) I thought that it wouldn't hurt to write about these and that it might help others when they choose what lenses to get etc :) So here I go~

I bought these lenses to my Beast cosplay.
The shop that I got these from is Back Street.

Price : 29,90 €
B.C : 8,7 mm
DIA : 14,2 mm 
Duration : 90 days/3 months

Here's the package and the contains:

So you get:
1x Pair of contact lens
1x 40ml Cleaning solution
1x Lens case

I think that it's good thing to get the stuff you need with the lens, you don't have to go to different stores to get what you need, etc :) I was really pleased about that, because I'm not used to spend so much money in contacts that lasts only for 90 days/3 months.. :/ Well.. It's quite a long time, but still..

Here's a picture of those contacts and what they look like when you wear them:

I like this look, it's pretty natural and these lens don't give that creepy "puppy eyes from hell"-look.. And they cover your eyes natural color pretty nicely too~

Here's some close-up pictures~

I really like the naturalness these lenses have~ Way better than those plain red ones, like these.

And then a picture that shows the difference between the eye that has a contact lens and a natural one.. :)

I don't think that my eyes look that different in size, just a little, I guess.. :)

I really like these lenses and here's a list of the good and bad things:

+ natural look
+ covers nicely your own eye color
+ you get everything you need in the same package
+ makes you're eyes look tiny bit bigger

- price
- duration. I don't like the fact that they don't last that long.. I prefer 1 year lenses more :D

But I really liked these lenses and I'm happy that I bought them~ :) I don't regret buying them at all and I do recommend these~ :) I'll give them 4/5 stars~ :)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tracon VI - Behind the camera

So, as I said yesterday, I'm going to add some pictures I've taken at Tracon VI.. So,  didn't take that many pictures, wich is.. weird, I guess.. We didn't have any big photoshoot, so that might be the reason for the lack of pictures.. So, I've taken and edited these pictures and the costumes that the cosplayers are wearing are made by them.. :)

Here's some picture's of Lineartt cosplaying Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Then there's Mollamaija as Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing from Hellsing

And after that Ninnu as Ferio from Magic Knight Rayearth.

And here's couple pictures of Ninnu with her friend cosplaying as Emeraude from the same series: Magic Knight Rayearth.

And last but not least is again Lineartt, but this time as Incubus from Zettai Meikyuu Grimm :)

She also ended up in the cosplay contest where ppl can vote for costumes online :) I don't know when they are opening it, because there's nothing on Tracon VI's site, but.. When they start the voting, go and vote ;D

So that's all the pictures I tooked at Tracon :) And I guess that tomorrow I'll also post something ;D So stay tuned~


Friday, September 9, 2011

Tracon VI

So.. Last weekend I went to Tracon VI (as the title already says, heh) and I did a new cosplay there.. :) We we're supposed to have a group, but then people couldn't make it (sick, no place to stay, etc.. :/) so it ended up as a pair cosplay with my sister :) So the character I cosplayed as was Beast, she's from Kuroshitsuji (she appears only in the manga) and is part of "Noah's Ark Circus" as wild animal trainer :) My sister cosplayed as Wendy from the same manga and Wendy is also part of "Noah's Ark Circus", but she works with Peter as a trapeze artist. :)

So here's a picture of our cosplays..

© Ane-ue
Gotta say that I'm pretty proud of my sister.. :) This was her first cosplay and she did almost everything by herself :) All I did was some helping with her wig, but all the other things she made by herself/with some help from our grandma :)

I only wore this on Saturday, and because of it I didn't go watch anything.. I was just hanging around and we took some pictures by that lake that was near..

So.. I used the whole week before convention to make this cosplay.. I started on Sunday and used all my days 'till Friday.. Of course I went to work too, so my time that I could use in doing my costume was 3 p.m. to 8-9 p.m. (because I have a little brother that goes sleeping early and sewing machines ain't that quiet..) So that's why I had to leave a little earlier on Thursday and on Friday I went to work for only 1 hour.. :/ But at least I got it made on time!

© Ninnu
It's also funny how ppl didn't recognize the character (or not, whatever :D).. It maybe because she's from the manga but I was happy that there are some Kuro-fans out there that do recognize characters from the manga too.. :)

© Ninnu
I still have some things in my costume that I want to make better, like the gloves, etc :) And thanks to one solution, I couldn't sit at all.. :'D Next time I won't go for the cheap and easy, but I'll buy real garters, lol :'D

© Ninnu
But I'm pretty pleased in my costume (except those gloves and garters).. :) I'll be wearing this costume again in Desucon next year, and then we'll have more characters from Noah's Ark Circus, atm there's: Joker, Beast, Doll, Wendy and Peter.. I may get one friend to cosplay Black (Sebastian) and my brother to do Snake or Dagger.. So.. There's still some characters left if you are interested ;D Those are: Smile (Ciel), Suit (William), Jumbo and Snake/Dagger, so leave a comment if you want to join us ;D

So like I told you, I cosplayed only on Saturday and at Sunday I looked like this:

Pink wig, Liz Lisa-dress, white lace stockings and I also had dark brown heels :)

On this day I didn't do that much either, just hanging with friends and shopping some things like manga and.. This plushie:

Gotta love it<3 :'D It's my new friend :')

The only programmed thing that I went to watch was this Cosplay competition where they judged your performance.. I.. Don't know what to say.. Sometimes I couldn't even watch those performances, I was ashamed for them :'D And what's with all that BL? :O So much of it.. And I don't think that it was a good thing.. :( But there was some really good performances too.. :) Like that bunny one, it was really good and entertaining :)

© Eve
I guess Tracon VI was my last convention for this year and next one I'm going to is going to be Desucon Frostbite.. :) I have already decided what to cosplay there and I'm starting some new projects now that I have time to do costumes and stuff :) So I'm starting with that Frostbite outfit and with Yu Meiren :) I'm gonna do Yu's weapon in the next few weeks, so I'm going to write about my first real prop and also I have other things in my mind that I wan't to talk about, so stay tuned~ :)

And I'm also going to add some picture's I tooked at Tracon here as soon as I can (and also Animecon pictures)~


Monday, September 5, 2011

New appearance

Hello! It's been a while and I haven't had any time to post anything.. But now I do, since  don't have to do any costume atm.. As ppl may know, I was at Tampere last weekend and I went to this convention: Tracon VI. :) I'll talk more about that and add more pictures later (hopefully tomorrow, I guess I'm too tired to do that today..).. I cosplayed as Beast from Kuroshitsuji on Saturday and tidididiidididididiii: fially I got myself a new banner for my blog :'D It tooked over a year for me to change it.. So here's my new banner:

Picture is taken by Ninnu
And ofc I changed rest of my blog to go with the banner.. Hopefully ppl like the new look of my blog~ :) Well, II'll go back to editing pictures now, so that I can do a post asap ;D