Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Say Lazy

So.. I was thinking to write something about why I always start my cosplays near the conventions and then have to hurry with them.. Or at least some of my thoughts about it.. Because.. Last weekend my sister started to make her (first) cosplay that is Wendy, from Kuroshitsuji (Noah's Ark Circus)

Wendy is that girl :D
So.. She did work hard on it, so that she could finish it early and she can avoid all the stress that her sis (that's me) always has before conventions (because I like to start things little late :D)

Here she's making the skirt part..
What is it that makes me avoid making my cosplays in time? Why? Is it just because I think that "it's easy, I can do it in this and this amount of time" and then stress when the convention is nearly there and I have to finish my outfit? Well.. I guess that is just the thing.. I never learn to start making them in time..

Underskirt is ready!
I guess I (and I hope that others too) rely too much on my sewing skills (or to skills I think I have :D).. You think that you can do it later.. and later.. and later.. Instead of doing my costume I end up drinking coffee and eating cake.. And watching tv.. 

After dinner this was my dessert :'D
Or is it the fact that all I have to do is sew and there's nothing else? I've noticed that I'm more and more interested in costumes that are more detailed (Yu Meiren (Dynasty Warriors), Medusa (Petshop of Horros)) :/ Is it the fact that my costume lacks details? Maybe it is that..

This is what my sis dress looks atm! She still has work to do, but less than I..
So.. This post was there.. All about thinking why I'm lazy or am I lazy? Is it just lack of interest in costumes that don't have that much details? Well, hopefully I'll figure this out in the future.. I really have to start my own costume NOW if I want to finish it early and do other stuff too before the convention.. Some updates coming soon (I hope), so stay tuned~


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