Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Say Lazy

So.. I was thinking to write something about why I always start my cosplays near the conventions and then have to hurry with them.. Or at least some of my thoughts about it.. Because.. Last weekend my sister started to make her (first) cosplay that is Wendy, from Kuroshitsuji (Noah's Ark Circus)

Wendy is that girl :D
So.. She did work hard on it, so that she could finish it early and she can avoid all the stress that her sis (that's me) always has before conventions (because I like to start things little late :D)

Here she's making the skirt part..
What is it that makes me avoid making my cosplays in time? Why? Is it just because I think that "it's easy, I can do it in this and this amount of time" and then stress when the convention is nearly there and I have to finish my outfit? Well.. I guess that is just the thing.. I never learn to start making them in time..

Underskirt is ready!
I guess I (and I hope that others too) rely too much on my sewing skills (or to skills I think I have :D).. You think that you can do it later.. and later.. and later.. Instead of doing my costume I end up drinking coffee and eating cake.. And watching tv.. 

After dinner this was my dessert :'D
Or is it the fact that all I have to do is sew and there's nothing else? I've noticed that I'm more and more interested in costumes that are more detailed (Yu Meiren (Dynasty Warriors), Medusa (Petshop of Horros)) :/ Is it the fact that my costume lacks details? Maybe it is that..

This is what my sis dress looks atm! She still has work to do, but less than I..
So.. This post was there.. All about thinking why I'm lazy or am I lazy? Is it just lack of interest in costumes that don't have that much details? Well, hopefully I'll figure this out in the future.. I really have to start my own costume NOW if I want to finish it early and do other stuff too before the convention.. Some updates coming soon (I hope), so stay tuned~


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yu Meiren - Make-up Test 01

Hello.. I've been pretty lazy lately, but soon I'll start making my next cosplays.. I only have one planned for this year (and that I'm going to wear at Tracon) but it ain't Yu Meiren. I'm going to do this for next year (just so that I don't have to hurry with it, haha) and if the name doesn't say anything, here's a picture of her:

So she is Yu Meiren and is from Dynasty Warriors :) I've been wanting to do this for such a long time and I decided to start it asap, but at first I wanted to try out her make-up :) Here's a picture that shows her make-up:

So, she has these smoky-eyes and cinnabar red lips. Well, I tried my best to do this make-up, without red eyeshadow (I have to get one, asap!!!) So instead of red, I used different browns and some pink :'D And here's what I came up with:

Close-up to one eye.

Both eyes, I think I like this, even though this is just first test for this make-up.. I really need that red eyeshadow..

And here's the whole make-up.. Ignore my lips, I don't know what is happening there x'D

So.. Any thoughts that came up? Questions? Tips? Other things? This was just my first test and I'll do another when I got that red eyeshadow, god dammit -__- And if someone is interested how I did it, I can upload a viddie to my YouTube account (yes, I recorded this make-up, just in case) and then link it here.. But only if someone is interested :) Because I'll do a real viddie of this make-up when I've managed to do it as I want etc :) 

I'll soon write about my cosplay for Tracon, so stay tuned~ I'm going to get some stuff next weekend (wig and this kind of stuff) and then start sewing the costume too.. :) I wonder who I'm going to cosplay? ;D


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Animecon 2011 - Part 01

Helloand sorry that it's been such a long time since I wrote my last post.. :( I've been pretty busy after Animecon and lot's of things have happened.. But I'm finally writing about it soo.. :D And I haven't gone trough all the pictures that I tooked yet, but.. Here's something about my weekend and other stuff.. :) But now to the main point~

So, Animecon was held 14-17.7. at Turku, Finland, but I was there only 15-17.7. :) Ninnu came to my home on Thursday evening and on Friday morning we went from here to Turku. We put our cosplays on there. I wasn't able to do anything new (I was supposed to do Madam Red but something happened and I wasn't able to finish it..) so I cosplayed as Cloche Leythal Pastalia on Friday and used my Luka Megurine cosplay on Saturday.. At Sunday I was just this random girl with green hair~

On Friday we hang out with Ane-ue and couple other people (can't remember the dA nicks atm.. :S) and though the weather wasn't that great, I did enjoy my time and at least I had fun (I really needed it, thank you guys for the whole weekend~).. We (I, Ninnu and Mari-Anne) stayed over at this school where the staff had organized this floor accommodation.. :) I forgot to bring a pillow so.. I didn't sleep that well.. :/

Here's some pictures from Friday

Ane-ue as Undertaker, Mari-Anne as Ciel Phantomhive, me as Cloche Leythal Pastalia and Ninnu as Kyoko Tokiwa.

So Friday was just a hang out day, nothing special happened, I didn't go watch any panels or other program that day.. But on Saturday I did.. So I cosplayed as Luka Megurine on that day and that day was also fun.. We went to watch Cosplay Date (it was pretty entertaining~) and right after that we went to watch this Hetalia show~ I hate Hetalia, but.. I did enjoy this show, because it was really well done and was about history and not this kind of "kyaa, I love you~" thingy.. :'D And we had front row seats with Ninnu, yay~ :'D Hopefully people get what I mean :'D At morning the weather wasn't nice but it was pretty sunny after the morning till night and yes, again, I burnt myself.. Thanks to my cosplay.. :( That day I didn't get any pictures of my cosplay (we didn't have a photoshoot that day), just these random pictures was taken~

I love soap bubbles<3

But this one guy who took some pictures of me at Desucon took some again and I like two of them, but because those pictures are kinda alike, I'm only showing one~

Here's that Hetalia-show I talked about~ And you can see me sitting there, omg.. :O

And here's something I recorded during Saturday, lol~

So, we did have fun, but long days are just tiring too.. But on Saturday night there was these parties held too, and ofc we had to go and check them out, but we ended attending only one of those, and that's was non-alcoholic party :) FFFight was fun but.. I don't know :'D We did go back to floor accommodation pretty early  and had this night photoshoot downstairs~ Here's 2 pics from our shoot down there, lol :'D

I'll add more when I have the time to go through these (there's many of them~)..

And then came Sunday~ As I told, I didn't cosplay on that day, I was with a wig :'D At morning I went to see Starblom's show: Starblom with the stars.. It was a talk show and as guests there were: Niidel, Ane-ue and Elffi :) I really enjoyed it, I thought that it was a fun idea and it was something different :D And then there was this epic arm wrestling competition between Niidel and Elffi.. I didn't get any video or good pics of it though :( That's just sad.. :( But I did enjoy the show and hopefully there's going to be another one at Tracon~ :D

At Sunday we also saw this guy cosplaying Finland (by humon), and it was awesome~ :D And I just had to hug him~ :D I don't really do these hugging things at conventions anymore, well, I do hug if someone kindly asks for a hug, but I'm not asking for hugs myself :'D So it was a little weird :'D (and ofc I hug my friends~)

And here's the proof  that I did hug him~

I was mostly a photographer on Sunday, I did take pics of this huge Ranma ½ group and I got lots of photos so it's going to take me a while 'till I've been through those.. And I also tooked pictures of other ppl.. :'D

After the convention I dropped Ninnu and Mari-Anne at the train station and then went home with Aidu (she lives in the same city as I) and we had this race with other ppl who left to the same direction as we (they didn't know of that) and when we thought they passed us well.. You can think what happened :'D I just had to pass that car we thought they were in.. When we were on Kehä III (Ring III) I said that Aidu should just call them and she did.. We got to know then, that they had still 70 km 'till Helsinki.. We had this race against nothing.. Lol for us :'D But it was fun :)
And that's all of Animecon 2011, I'll add more pics when I can and that's asap~


ps. Lirlys, I'm going to have my revenge at Tracon, just wait for it ;D
pps. here's one viddie that Ninnu recorded of the weekend~ :D