Monday, July 25, 2011

Once again I got tagged + glimpse to the future

Okay, hello, it's been three weeks since I last time posted anything buuuuuut.. I can say that I'll do couple of posts asap, 2 posts about Animecon (one about my weekend and another of the pictures I tooked, again I had some photoshoots with ppl and stuff :D) and then I'm going to announce my costumes for Tracon and I'll try my best to do some WIP-posts about those, because there's some stuff that ppl might find interesting etc :)

But yeah, to the tag now.. It's in finnish but I'll translate it, so those who I tag but want to do it in finnish you can find the original from here.

In this tag you have to answer to 6 questions and 3 of those are negative ones and other 3 are positive. And ofc you have to answer to these questions honestly. In the end of the tag you have to tag 6 other bloggers and also link who was the person who tagged you.
The three negative things you have to tell are:
1. Cosplay that is you're least favourite and the reason for it.
2. The baddest experience you have had in a convention.
3. The worst convention for you and the reason for it.

The three positive things you have to tell are:
1. You're favourite cosplay and the reason for it.
2. Best experience in a convention.
3. The best convention and the reason what made it the best.
Negative ones:

1. My worst cosplay is.. I think it's my third one: Shizuka Hio. Even my first and second cosplays were better than this. What makes this cosplay the worst/least favourite? Well.. 1. the fabric, 2. the wig and then 3. no make-up. I made this cosplay out of a fabric that is suitable for sheets but not for cosplay and the wig.. Ugh, I don't even wanna think about it.. But yeah, not gonna share any pictures of this awfullness with you :'D

2. Hmm.. I don't think that I have any bad experiences because nothing particular comes to my mind.. :O

3. Hmm.. I think this must be.. What the hell, there ain't any convention that fits to the "question".. :D I've only had good conventions this far :'D

And then the positive ones:

1. My favourite cosplay is.. Well, there's not only 1, so I'll tell about couple of my costumes and why I like those :'D I like my newest cosplay (Luka Megurine - Just be Friends) a lot because it's so easy and you don't have to ask others how my costume looks all the time and I don't have any that kind of parts that could fall off etc :'D but I also like my Doll and Madam Red cosplays much :3 Why? Doll because I learned some new things and I just like the result a lot and Madam is just.. well, Madam :'D

2. Gaah, this is pretty hard, but.. I think that it must be this: Last year I heard a lot of positive feedback of my Madam cosplay in one convention (Meuwcon 03, and it was held at Stockholm, Sweden) and that is one thing that I remember as a good experience, there is other things too, but I only share one with you ;D

3. Best convention.. It's.. tididididi: my first convention (Animecon 2007) AND Meuwcon 03. :) Why these two? Well, Animecon 2007 because it was my first convention that I attended (ofc with my best friend) and I got so much good and fun memories from there :) I also got to know more ppl and that kind of stuff :) Meuwcon 03 is another fav because it's my first (hopefully not last) convention overseas and I also got to meet some awesome ppl there and ofc I met Sowah and OceaChan there too~ :D

That's it I guess :D

And I got tagged by Ane-ue.

And the 6 bloggers I'm going to tag are:
Team Elric (Mollamaija and lineartt)

Have fun~


  1. luulet vaa et joskus jaksan tehä tän D:

  2. Paree ois jaksaa :D
    Ei tää niin kauaa aikaa vie :D

  3. vie, iha liikaa aikaa (varsinki ku oon ollu nii ahkera blogin pitäjä D:)