Friday, June 24, 2011

Desucon - part 2 (beware, includes lot's of pictures!)

This part 2 is all about picture's I took at Desucon, so no text (well.. maybe little ;D) and just pictures (that I didn't put to the part 1, that is)! :D enjoy~ 

First, Rigetzu as Wonder Woman~

And then again Rigetzu but as Winry Rockbell (FullMetal Alchemist)~

Next up is Mollamaija (dA/blog) as Lady Integral Hellsing (Hellsing)~

She's having my parasol 'cause her own was in the car :'D

And then it's time for pictures of Ninnu (dA/blog), first as Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth)~

And then as Alphonse Elric (FullMetal Alchemist)~

Then Jossu as Jasmine (Aladdin)~

And last but not least, Millamon as Nami (One Piece)~

You think that's all? Nope, some FMA group pictures coming on next ;D (oh my, there's so much pictures :'D)
Edward Elric: Wish4Eternity/Lily (dA/blog)
Alphonse Elric: Ninnu
Winry Rockbell: Rigetzu

And now, it's time for some pictures I took during Eurocosplay Preliminaries and Cosplayshow :) (yes, these pictures never end, just think about me going through all the pictures I've taken and editing the best of those ;D)

Elffi was one of the judges for this preliminariety and ofc I had to take a picture of him onstage, lol? :'D He's cosplaying Jecht (Final Fantasy Dissidia)~ :)

And ofc I tooked some pictures of those who were competing :'D Here's Ilona, she cosplayed Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (Final Fantasy XII, Wedding ver.) She got to 3rd place :) You can see her performance here :)

The girl who got into 2nd place cosplayed Hanato Kobato (Kobato)~ But I don't know who the cosplayer is (her nick etc, so if someone knows, please tell me~ :) ) but here's some pictures and you can see her performance here! :)

Too bad I didn't get any good pictures of the winner, but you can find his performance from here! :)
And other performances can be found behind this account :)

That's all! :) I have more pictures, but I think this was enough! :D See you all in Animecon~ :) But I'll add some plans and progress posts before it, so don't worry ;D

'Till next time!


ps. click the pictures to see them bigger! ;D


  1. yayayayayayay~
    sain ne käytyä läpi :D ja nyt on silmät ihan ristissä kun on tuijotellut kuvia koko päivän :'D