Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Desucon - part 1

Well, hello hello everyone!
Last weekend I took part to this convention called "Desucon" and it was held at Lahti, Finland! :) Here's some stuff about how my weekend went and some other stuff too, I guess :'D

As people might remember from my last post, I cosplayed as Madam Red on Saturday and as Megurine Luka on Sunday :) After I finished my costume on Friday I left to Lapinjärvi to fetch my friend and then went to Nastola with her to some of our friends~ It was cool and I had pretty fun, though I was tired..

Most of the Saturday was awful.. I don't know.. Everything seemed to be a mess and I was really tired.. And it was so damn HOT (as Madam Red, what can you expect?) and I hated my contacts :( But it was fun too, I got to meet more friends and talk to them more than I usually do.. :) And I got to take pictures of ppl!! :D (I'm still in the middle of going through those pictures so.. That's why this post is a part 1 ;D)

Here's some pictures from Saturday:

First me as Madam Red, I'm only showing you this, because there are already so much pictures of this cosplay :D (Btw, I don't know why, but blogger made that picture blurry, you can find better picture from here!)

Wish4Eternity07 (dA/blog) borrowed my Doll cosplay :D

And here's Date as Rin Okumura :D

And last pictures from Saturday that I've edited so far:

Lineartt (dA/blog) as a lolita girl :D Check out her and her mom's blog, you can find a viddie I'm in again :D harrharr :D

BTW, you can just click the pictures to see them in real size and in better quality too.. :)

So yeah, there's all the pictures I've edited so far.. And I'll add rest of the pictures when I've gone through rest of them :) (There's a lot pictures to go through and edit, ugh -__-)

But back to the point = Desucon.
Well.. On Saturday the weather was bad, it was raining every now and then and that's why you had to stay inside most of the time and then it got also really hot.. We went to see Finland's Eurocosplay 2011 Preliminaries and well, what can I say! Some cosplays wasn't that awesome but most of the shows and costumes were! I'm so happy and I think that the right person did win :D

After that I went to check in to our hotel room with Millamon, Date and RoXas_ (Wish4Eternity07 did stay with us there too, but didn't come there until in was already night :D) and changed my clothes :D I was pretty pissed at that time and there was many reasons for my behavior, but I apologize for it, so, I'm sorry!! :( Then    Millamon decided to stay at the hotel and I returned to Desucon with Date and RoXas_ (also lineartt and Mollamaija was staying at that hotel etc :D) and here's a picture from Saturday night:

Lineartt, Date and me~ I was surprised when I saw this, I look so.. different, at least that's what I think.. :O

We went to see AMV-contes but.. those viddies wasn't that good D: So I was pretty bored.. But after it I left to a club with Date and RoXas_! :D And they surprised me when we got there.. They wanted to dance.. I was like "O-M-G, I need drink, now!" when I realized that :'D That's just because I'm so used to the fact that when I go to a club and there's guys with me they only sit and drink beer etc :'D

Really.. me at a club with these two? How did I manage to get back to the hotel? Well, it's a mystery ;D

But yeah.. Then it was already Sunday.. It was really sunny and warm.. (I burnt myself really badly and I'm sneezing all the time now.. . . . . yeah right.) So we stayed outdoors most of the time.. I haven't edited any other pictures from Sunday, but my own pictures, so here's some of those:

But that's all for today, I'm so tired atm so I think I have to go to sleep already! But more pictures are coming asap! :) And I'm already starting my next cosplays, so I'm going to reveal those pretty soon too and add some progress pictures :) But here's a viddie of Date and RoXas_ dancing YMCA in their style, enjoy~ :D


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