Friday, June 17, 2011

Desucon: It's tomorrow!

So, tomorrow I'm going to attend to Desucon (and ofc on Sunday too :D). I finished my new costume today, ~1h ago :D Here's a picture of all the stuff together:

So there's the wig, dress and wreath. I made that dress in ~1,2 days, and I'm pretty pleased of it :) And I got surprised on how hard a simple dress can be, if you want it to look good and stay up ;D And I'm going to cut the bangs for my wig today and I guess I have to try staighten it, 'cause it can't be that curly :D

So Luka is my cosplay for Sunday~ And on Saturday it's time to use this cosplay.. AGAIN :D

Well, I really do like this character and the costume so.. Why not? :D But it's rare to see me using one costume more than once :'D This is going to be third convention I'm attending with that cospaly :'D

As I cosplay Madam Red (on Saturday, that is), I'm going to have Doll with me ;D I know that they don't meet each other in the series, but.. My Madam Red costume is from the manga and Doll appears only in manga so.. Why not? :D 

Hopefully my costume will fit for her, so that I don't have to do any radical changes to it :S

So if you're coming to Desucon, come say hi! :D


ps. my blog turned 1 y-o @ 7.6.2011, so happy b-day to my blog, a little late though :'D

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