Monday, June 27, 2011

115 facts about me~

So, I was tagged by Lily and.. I guess this is a chance for everyone to learn a little about me :D


1. Kimmy is only my nickname..
2. That was given to me by my best friend..
3. and my best friend is known as Lily..
4. I've known her for 8 years..
5. I started cosplay with her..
6. our first cosplays was Kairi and Naminé (me)from Kingdom Hearts II..
7. and I'm still ashamed of that :'D
8. Animecon 2007 was the first convention I took part in..
9. and since then I've been at 10 conventions..
10. and done 12 different cosplays for myself..
11. and couple for my friend :)
12. I've been writing this blog for a little over a year now..
13. and hopefully there will be many more years to come :)
14. I have a dog..
15. he's Chihuahua (chocolate color with bringle marks)
16. and I call him Choco :)
17. I fall in love too easily
18. Which is why I get my heart broken really often
19. I have a crush on one of my friends..
20. he's dating with someone else..
21. but I'm still optimistic about this situation..
22. I also have big cosplay dreams..
23. and hopefully one will come true next year..
24. only my best friend (+ninnu) knows about this :D
25. Peacock is my favorite bird..
26. has always been
27. My horoscope is scorpio
28. and I really act like one :D
29. I like to keep most of the things to myself
30. and that's just 'cause I don't trust people that easily..
31. and I never forget if someone has hurt me
32. I'm pretty lazy at sometimes
33. at it takes forever to me to start a project :'D
34. I just love Disney movies
35. and sometimes I wish that my life could be like out of fairy tail..
36. and I love other movies too :)
37. and reading books :D
38. but I haven't been reading that much lately..
39. I do have few people that I admire
40. and they are all cosplayers :'D
41. I'm not really a fan of any band..
42. I listen to the music that I feel like listening..
43. So I listen to all kind of music :'D
44. I wish Icould go and travel all around the world
45. if I can't become fashion designer..
46. ..I want to be photographer..
47. ..but lately I've thought about becoming a spy..
48. ..don't ask me why!! :D
49. I have a really good self-esteem..
50. and I'm not ashamed of it :D
51. I don't really care what people think about me..
52. ..but sometimes I just can't stop thinking about what person X thought when I said X and X :D
53. I was a skater for 10 years..
54. 5 years as just a regular skater..
55. and another 5 years as synchronized skater :)
56. I loved it :)
57. I change my mind really often
58. and I guess it frustrates people around me :D
59. but I try my best to keep my plans :)
60. I have only been at 5 countries other than Finland..
61. those are: Sweden, Estonia, Norway, France and Thailand..
62. I LOVE Doctor Who
63. just like my best friend does, but she loves Doctor Who even more than I :D
64. And we even have the same favourite, 10th doctor: David Tennant :D
65. I'm bad at this kind of meme/tag thingies :(
66. and people should know that :D
67. Sometimes I get this feeling that people hate me,
68. even though I know they don't..
69. I love 0AthenaChan0's viddies :3
70. And I think my blog need a new banner..
71. I've had this one almost for a year now :S
72. I'm pretty much a perfectionist
73. but still sometimes I go from where the fence is low.. :(
74. I don't smoke..
75. or drink that much either..
76. I have over 300 manga books :'D
77. So yeah, I like reading manga..
78. and supporting the authors :D
79. But I do read manga online too.. :/
80. I don't have many tv shows that I follow..
81. but I've been watching Pokémon ever since it started to run in Finland :'D
82. And the new episodes suck :'D
83. I started postcrossing..
84. and it wasn't really my thing :/
85. I do collect postcards but..
86.'s hard for me to send them :'D
87. I listen to Lady GaGa
88. and I'm proud of it :D
89. I have a Barbapapa "plushie"..
90. ..and other plushies too :D
91. I'm not that into figures..
92. But I do have few of them..
93. RPG can be fuuuuuuun~ :D
94. or just like from hell .__.
95. I want to be friends with everyone
96. but I guess that can't be achieved..
97. I don't like facebook games..
98. I have 3 costumes in progress atm
99. and I will publish those here pretty soon..
100. sometimes I'm pretty tired of my life..
101. and feel that I suck a everything I do..
102. but Iusually get past that pretty quickly..
103. I'm afraid of being left alone
104. even though I do have lot's of friends, I guess :)
105. I like to play games :D
106. and I like photographing, if you didn't already know :'D
107. Texas Hold'em is one game that I like to play :'D
108. And I like to sing..
109. though I don't think that I have that good voice..
110. but whatever! :D
111. I wanna go photoshoot with people some time :)
112. or just hang out, watch movies, etc :)
113. but I' too busy with work and copslay :(
114. and so are most of my friends too.. :')
115. I might have repeated myself :P

Well.. This was really hard, haha :'D
And ofc, I feel like tagging people, so.. I'm gonna tag these two:

have fun girls~ :D


ps. I just had to:

My authentic japanese name is 小泉 Koizumi (small spring of water) 幸代 Sachiyo (generation of blessing).


  1. haha :D Miun mielest toi oli iha helppo :D
    Konnichiwa Sachiyo :DD

  2. Nakamura Chiaki, RUMA NIMI!
    Ja vitsi kun jaksoit listata :D And big cosplay dreams, oohhhh, johkin kisaan? 8D

  3. Ninnu: haha :D pakko kierrättää tätä pahaa :(

    Lily: mulla on aina vaikeuksia näitten kanssa :D

    Miharo: hööh :( jos laitoit etunimi sukinimi, niin muuta se ja laita sukunimi etunimi :D ite kokeilin molempia ja otin kivemman, jos totta puhutaan xD joo, valitettavasti jaksoin :'D oli se kyllä vaikeaa :P o-ou, nyt jäin kiinni :'D mutta tästä puhun sitten joskus talvella vasta ;D

  4. Matsuo Miharo, ooo that's pretty *w* me likes a lot, ja joo katos vaan, en lukenukkaa ohjeita ollenkaa eli eka nimi oli siis itseasiassa väärä :DDD Ja käytin just tollasta kääntäjää joskus aikoinaan ja siittä toi Miharu lähti
    Juu 8D Mitähän sieltä mahtaa paljastua

    Nyt oon ihan in awe tosta nimestä..


    Nimi oli Matsuo Miharu