Monday, June 27, 2011

115 facts about me~

So, I was tagged by Lily and.. I guess this is a chance for everyone to learn a little about me :D


1. Kimmy is only my nickname..
2. That was given to me by my best friend..
3. and my best friend is known as Lily..
4. I've known her for 8 years..
5. I started cosplay with her..
6. our first cosplays was Kairi and Naminé (me)from Kingdom Hearts II..
7. and I'm still ashamed of that :'D
8. Animecon 2007 was the first convention I took part in..
9. and since then I've been at 10 conventions..
10. and done 12 different cosplays for myself..
11. and couple for my friend :)
12. I've been writing this blog for a little over a year now..
13. and hopefully there will be many more years to come :)
14. I have a dog..
15. he's Chihuahua (chocolate color with bringle marks)
16. and I call him Choco :)
17. I fall in love too easily
18. Which is why I get my heart broken really often
19. I have a crush on one of my friends..
20. he's dating with someone else..
21. but I'm still optimistic about this situation..
22. I also have big cosplay dreams..
23. and hopefully one will come true next year..
24. only my best friend (+ninnu) knows about this :D
25. Peacock is my favorite bird..
26. has always been
27. My horoscope is scorpio
28. and I really act like one :D
29. I like to keep most of the things to myself
30. and that's just 'cause I don't trust people that easily..
31. and I never forget if someone has hurt me
32. I'm pretty lazy at sometimes
33. at it takes forever to me to start a project :'D
34. I just love Disney movies
35. and sometimes I wish that my life could be like out of fairy tail..
36. and I love other movies too :)
37. and reading books :D
38. but I haven't been reading that much lately..
39. I do have few people that I admire
40. and they are all cosplayers :'D
41. I'm not really a fan of any band..
42. I listen to the music that I feel like listening..
43. So I listen to all kind of music :'D
44. I wish Icould go and travel all around the world
45. if I can't become fashion designer..
46. ..I want to be photographer..
47. ..but lately I've thought about becoming a spy..
48. ..don't ask me why!! :D
49. I have a really good self-esteem..
50. and I'm not ashamed of it :D
51. I don't really care what people think about me..
52. ..but sometimes I just can't stop thinking about what person X thought when I said X and X :D
53. I was a skater for 10 years..
54. 5 years as just a regular skater..
55. and another 5 years as synchronized skater :)
56. I loved it :)
57. I change my mind really often
58. and I guess it frustrates people around me :D
59. but I try my best to keep my plans :)
60. I have only been at 5 countries other than Finland..
61. those are: Sweden, Estonia, Norway, France and Thailand..
62. I LOVE Doctor Who
63. just like my best friend does, but she loves Doctor Who even more than I :D
64. And we even have the same favourite, 10th doctor: David Tennant :D
65. I'm bad at this kind of meme/tag thingies :(
66. and people should know that :D
67. Sometimes I get this feeling that people hate me,
68. even though I know they don't..
69. I love 0AthenaChan0's viddies :3
70. And I think my blog need a new banner..
71. I've had this one almost for a year now :S
72. I'm pretty much a perfectionist
73. but still sometimes I go from where the fence is low.. :(
74. I don't smoke..
75. or drink that much either..
76. I have over 300 manga books :'D
77. So yeah, I like reading manga..
78. and supporting the authors :D
79. But I do read manga online too.. :/
80. I don't have many tv shows that I follow..
81. but I've been watching Pokémon ever since it started to run in Finland :'D
82. And the new episodes suck :'D
83. I started postcrossing..
84. and it wasn't really my thing :/
85. I do collect postcards but..
86.'s hard for me to send them :'D
87. I listen to Lady GaGa
88. and I'm proud of it :D
89. I have a Barbapapa "plushie"..
90. ..and other plushies too :D
91. I'm not that into figures..
92. But I do have few of them..
93. RPG can be fuuuuuuun~ :D
94. or just like from hell .__.
95. I want to be friends with everyone
96. but I guess that can't be achieved..
97. I don't like facebook games..
98. I have 3 costumes in progress atm
99. and I will publish those here pretty soon..
100. sometimes I'm pretty tired of my life..
101. and feel that I suck a everything I do..
102. but Iusually get past that pretty quickly..
103. I'm afraid of being left alone
104. even though I do have lot's of friends, I guess :)
105. I like to play games :D
106. and I like photographing, if you didn't already know :'D
107. Texas Hold'em is one game that I like to play :'D
108. And I like to sing..
109. though I don't think that I have that good voice..
110. but whatever! :D
111. I wanna go photoshoot with people some time :)
112. or just hang out, watch movies, etc :)
113. but I' too busy with work and copslay :(
114. and so are most of my friends too.. :')
115. I might have repeated myself :P

Well.. This was really hard, haha :'D
And ofc, I feel like tagging people, so.. I'm gonna tag these two:

have fun girls~ :D


ps. I just had to:

My authentic japanese name is 小泉 Koizumi (small spring of water) 幸代 Sachiyo (generation of blessing).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Desucon - part 2 (beware, includes lot's of pictures!)

This part 2 is all about picture's I took at Desucon, so no text (well.. maybe little ;D) and just pictures (that I didn't put to the part 1, that is)! :D enjoy~ 

First, Rigetzu as Wonder Woman~

And then again Rigetzu but as Winry Rockbell (FullMetal Alchemist)~

Next up is Mollamaija (dA/blog) as Lady Integral Hellsing (Hellsing)~

She's having my parasol 'cause her own was in the car :'D

And then it's time for pictures of Ninnu (dA/blog), first as Ferio (Magic Knight Rayearth)~

And then as Alphonse Elric (FullMetal Alchemist)~

Then Jossu as Jasmine (Aladdin)~

And last but not least, Millamon as Nami (One Piece)~

You think that's all? Nope, some FMA group pictures coming on next ;D (oh my, there's so much pictures :'D)
Edward Elric: Wish4Eternity/Lily (dA/blog)
Alphonse Elric: Ninnu
Winry Rockbell: Rigetzu

And now, it's time for some pictures I took during Eurocosplay Preliminaries and Cosplayshow :) (yes, these pictures never end, just think about me going through all the pictures I've taken and editing the best of those ;D)

Elffi was one of the judges for this preliminariety and ofc I had to take a picture of him onstage, lol? :'D He's cosplaying Jecht (Final Fantasy Dissidia)~ :)

And ofc I tooked some pictures of those who were competing :'D Here's Ilona, she cosplayed Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (Final Fantasy XII, Wedding ver.) She got to 3rd place :) You can see her performance here :)

The girl who got into 2nd place cosplayed Hanato Kobato (Kobato)~ But I don't know who the cosplayer is (her nick etc, so if someone knows, please tell me~ :) ) but here's some pictures and you can see her performance here! :)

Too bad I didn't get any good pictures of the winner, but you can find his performance from here! :)
And other performances can be found behind this account :)

That's all! :) I have more pictures, but I think this was enough! :D See you all in Animecon~ :) But I'll add some plans and progress posts before it, so don't worry ;D

'Till next time!


ps. click the pictures to see them bigger! ;D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Desucon - part 1

Well, hello hello everyone!
Last weekend I took part to this convention called "Desucon" and it was held at Lahti, Finland! :) Here's some stuff about how my weekend went and some other stuff too, I guess :'D

As people might remember from my last post, I cosplayed as Madam Red on Saturday and as Megurine Luka on Sunday :) After I finished my costume on Friday I left to Lapinjärvi to fetch my friend and then went to Nastola with her to some of our friends~ It was cool and I had pretty fun, though I was tired..

Most of the Saturday was awful.. I don't know.. Everything seemed to be a mess and I was really tired.. And it was so damn HOT (as Madam Red, what can you expect?) and I hated my contacts :( But it was fun too, I got to meet more friends and talk to them more than I usually do.. :) And I got to take pictures of ppl!! :D (I'm still in the middle of going through those pictures so.. That's why this post is a part 1 ;D)

Here's some pictures from Saturday:

First me as Madam Red, I'm only showing you this, because there are already so much pictures of this cosplay :D (Btw, I don't know why, but blogger made that picture blurry, you can find better picture from here!)

Wish4Eternity07 (dA/blog) borrowed my Doll cosplay :D

And here's Date as Rin Okumura :D

And last pictures from Saturday that I've edited so far:

Lineartt (dA/blog) as a lolita girl :D Check out her and her mom's blog, you can find a viddie I'm in again :D harrharr :D

BTW, you can just click the pictures to see them in real size and in better quality too.. :)

So yeah, there's all the pictures I've edited so far.. And I'll add rest of the pictures when I've gone through rest of them :) (There's a lot pictures to go through and edit, ugh -__-)

But back to the point = Desucon.
Well.. On Saturday the weather was bad, it was raining every now and then and that's why you had to stay inside most of the time and then it got also really hot.. We went to see Finland's Eurocosplay 2011 Preliminaries and well, what can I say! Some cosplays wasn't that awesome but most of the shows and costumes were! I'm so happy and I think that the right person did win :D

After that I went to check in to our hotel room with Millamon, Date and RoXas_ (Wish4Eternity07 did stay with us there too, but didn't come there until in was already night :D) and changed my clothes :D I was pretty pissed at that time and there was many reasons for my behavior, but I apologize for it, so, I'm sorry!! :( Then    Millamon decided to stay at the hotel and I returned to Desucon with Date and RoXas_ (also lineartt and Mollamaija was staying at that hotel etc :D) and here's a picture from Saturday night:

Lineartt, Date and me~ I was surprised when I saw this, I look so.. different, at least that's what I think.. :O

We went to see AMV-contes but.. those viddies wasn't that good D: So I was pretty bored.. But after it I left to a club with Date and RoXas_! :D And they surprised me when we got there.. They wanted to dance.. I was like "O-M-G, I need drink, now!" when I realized that :'D That's just because I'm so used to the fact that when I go to a club and there's guys with me they only sit and drink beer etc :'D

Really.. me at a club with these two? How did I manage to get back to the hotel? Well, it's a mystery ;D

But yeah.. Then it was already Sunday.. It was really sunny and warm.. (I burnt myself really badly and I'm sneezing all the time now.. . . . . yeah right.) So we stayed outdoors most of the time.. I haven't edited any other pictures from Sunday, but my own pictures, so here's some of those:

But that's all for today, I'm so tired atm so I think I have to go to sleep already! But more pictures are coming asap! :) And I'm already starting my next cosplays, so I'm going to reveal those pretty soon too and add some progress pictures :) But here's a viddie of Date and RoXas_ dancing YMCA in their style, enjoy~ :D


Friday, June 17, 2011

Desucon: It's tomorrow!

So, tomorrow I'm going to attend to Desucon (and ofc on Sunday too :D). I finished my new costume today, ~1h ago :D Here's a picture of all the stuff together:

So there's the wig, dress and wreath. I made that dress in ~1,2 days, and I'm pretty pleased of it :) And I got surprised on how hard a simple dress can be, if you want it to look good and stay up ;D And I'm going to cut the bangs for my wig today and I guess I have to try staighten it, 'cause it can't be that curly :D

So Luka is my cosplay for Sunday~ And on Saturday it's time to use this cosplay.. AGAIN :D

Well, I really do like this character and the costume so.. Why not? :D But it's rare to see me using one costume more than once :'D This is going to be third convention I'm attending with that cospaly :'D

As I cosplay Madam Red (on Saturday, that is), I'm going to have Doll with me ;D I know that they don't meet each other in the series, but.. My Madam Red costume is from the manga and Doll appears only in manga so.. Why not? :D 

Hopefully my costume will fit for her, so that I don't have to do any radical changes to it :S

So if you're coming to Desucon, come say hi! :D


ps. my blog turned 1 y-o @ 7.6.2011, so happy b-day to my blog, a little late though :'D