Monday, May 23, 2011

Luka's wreath #01

Okay, so I've started to do my Luka cosplay. All I have to do is Luka's wreath and that dress (and ofcourse modify my wig) but that's all and it's getting done little by little :) Here's something about my progress with Luka's wreath. :)

First off with base materials:
Some plain white paper flowers and that green thing is.. well, I don't know the name in english.. (Mutta tätä saa suomessa esim. plantagenista ja K-Raudasta, se on jotain kukkien/puiden sidontaan tarkoitettua, missä on rautalanka sisällä..)

And here's some progress:
I'm hot gluing those flowers to the base thing~ :D And yes, I have already burned my fingers, haha :D (Ja tuo päälikerros (tuosta sidonta-jutusta) muuten sulaa hieman kun sitä tuolla kuumalla käsittelee, ihan vain varoituksena~)

And here's where I am right now:
Most of the base has been done, after I've done this base, I'm painting yellow inner circles to some flowers.

There's still much to do with this, but I just wanted to post some progress pictures :) I know I'm bad at it xD

And also some gijinka articuno sketches coming up soon :) And now is sure that we're having all legendary birds at Animecon, me as Articuno, Sowah as Zapdos and Wish4Eternity07 will be our Moltres :)


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