Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Luka's wreath #02

So, I've finished Luka' wreath today and here's rest of the progress pictures :)
I'm pretty tired, so this post has more pictures than text :D

There's 90 white flowers on the base :D

I painted white roses to pink/light red with watercolors~ :D

And here's the finished wreath :)

And then a WIP picture of it on my head :)
I still have to cut the bangs and straighten the wig :)

Btw, I've made that silver ring by myself and it is pure silver (and I was surprised how hard it is to make a simple ring..) but I'm pretty proud of it :)

That's all this time, next post is coming up when I've done some sketches of Articuno or when I've done some real progress with my costumes.. :)


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