Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cosplay plans for Desucon

I've noticed, that I change my mind really often when it comes to cosplays (I shouldn't make any plans, hah) but now Desucon is coming closer and I have only limited time to make my cosplays before it (I have lots of other things before Desucon).. But I decided that I would continue with easy and cheap cosplays, so here's what I'm doing for Desucon:

1. Luka Megurine from Just Be Friends (white dress with wreath on the head)

I'm also going to have a BIG balloon with me~ :D

2. Gijinka Articuno
Articuno is my all time fave Pokémon~

I'm also cosplaying Articuno at Animecon and Sowah may cosplay Zapdos :D So anyone who would like to cosplay Gijinka Moltres? :3

And after I've done these two I'm starting my other costumes, starting with Rapunzel and then I'll see how much time I have for other costumes.. I have Claude, Margaret and Umi planned for this year, but we'll see if I have enough time for all of those :S

BTW, I'm also going to Närcon: X this year and I guess I'm going to cosplay.. Well, at least Rapunzel, 'cause we're having ZMG group cosplay there :) I might cosplay also Luka and Medusa there..

And here's the song "Just Be Friends", enjoy~


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