Monday, May 16, 2011

Behind the camera

Before I get to my point (as you can guess, I have been shooting with someone and I as behind the camera again :D) I'll tell you something~
I was at BakaCon last weekend (like I told you :D) and it was pretty great :D I'm waiting for getting pictures of all the people who toked any pictures of me, then I have all the footage of that BakaCon weekend and can do a post about that :) And then another thing: I didn't cosplay Gumi or Sheryl, I cosplayed someone that ain't known that well in Finland and I'll tell you who that person was in the next post :) So wait for it :D

And now to the real subject of this post:
I was at the studio again, this time shooting with ninnu-chan. I was behind the camera and she cosplayed as Anarchy Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

This photoshoot with her wasn't really any different than the one that I had with YumiKoyuki. (Pictures of that shoot can be found from here (blog post about it) and here (dA, my account for my photography).) But we did go a little further with explorer different methods more and that kind of stuff. And I guess it halped a little that the character (Panty) is so easy with inventing different poses. With some characters it's harder if you want to be truthful to the character.

But here's some pictures, photography is by me and I also have edited these pictures:

This first one has nothing to do with the character (well it did, until I started to fool around, hah :D) But here are those that are more like Panty:

And then there's still a lot more pictures that I could add here, but I think these are enough :)

Hopefully I'll get some more pictures from BakaCon so that I can post about it soon :)
and I hope that you enjoyed these pictures. :)


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