Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Luka's wreath #02

So, I've finished Luka' wreath today and here's rest of the progress pictures :)
I'm pretty tired, so this post has more pictures than text :D

There's 90 white flowers on the base :D

I painted white roses to pink/light red with watercolors~ :D

And here's the finished wreath :)

And then a WIP picture of it on my head :)
I still have to cut the bangs and straighten the wig :)

Btw, I've made that silver ring by myself and it is pure silver (and I was surprised how hard it is to make a simple ring..) but I'm pretty proud of it :)

That's all this time, next post is coming up when I've done some sketches of Articuno or when I've done some real progress with my costumes.. :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

Luka's wreath #01

Okay, so I've started to do my Luka cosplay. All I have to do is Luka's wreath and that dress (and ofcourse modify my wig) but that's all and it's getting done little by little :) Here's something about my progress with Luka's wreath. :)

First off with base materials:
Some plain white paper flowers and that green thing is.. well, I don't know the name in english.. (Mutta tätä saa suomessa esim. plantagenista ja K-Raudasta, se on jotain kukkien/puiden sidontaan tarkoitettua, missä on rautalanka sisällä..)

And here's some progress:
I'm hot gluing those flowers to the base thing~ :D And yes, I have already burned my fingers, haha :D (Ja tuo päälikerros (tuosta sidonta-jutusta) muuten sulaa hieman kun sitä tuolla kuumalla käsittelee, ihan vain varoituksena~)

And here's where I am right now:
Most of the base has been done, after I've done this base, I'm painting yellow inner circles to some flowers.

There's still much to do with this, but I just wanted to post some progress pictures :) I know I'm bad at it xD

And also some gijinka articuno sketches coming up soon :) And now is sure that we're having all legendary birds at Animecon, me as Articuno, Sowah as Zapdos and Wish4Eternity07 will be our Moltres :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cosplay plans for Desucon

I've noticed, that I change my mind really often when it comes to cosplays (I shouldn't make any plans, hah) but now Desucon is coming closer and I have only limited time to make my cosplays before it (I have lots of other things before Desucon).. But I decided that I would continue with easy and cheap cosplays, so here's what I'm doing for Desucon:

1. Luka Megurine from Just Be Friends (white dress with wreath on the head)

I'm also going to have a BIG balloon with me~ :D

2. Gijinka Articuno
Articuno is my all time fave Pokémon~

I'm also cosplaying Articuno at Animecon and Sowah may cosplay Zapdos :D So anyone who would like to cosplay Gijinka Moltres? :3

And after I've done these two I'm starting my other costumes, starting with Rapunzel and then I'll see how much time I have for other costumes.. I have Claude, Margaret and Umi planned for this year, but we'll see if I have enough time for all of those :S

BTW, I'm also going to Närcon: X this year and I guess I'm going to cosplay.. Well, at least Rapunzel, 'cause we're having ZMG group cosplay there :) I might cosplay also Luka and Medusa there..

And here's the song "Just Be Friends", enjoy~


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bakacon 2011

Last weekend I attended to this cosplay event at Pieksämäki, that is called Bakacon, and it was my first convention this year! :)
I made huge changes to my cosplay list, I didn't so Gumi or Sheryl, I did just one cosplay and it was this:
Cloche Leythal Pastalia (Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica) Yukata/Summer Love-version.

I didn't do her fan, 'cause I didn't have time :( I painted that pattern that she has in her yukata by hand and it tooked more time than I thought :( But back to the topic! :)

I didn't take much photos of the convention (except some photoshoot photos), but I'll try to tell as much as I can by words :)

I went to Pieksämäki already at Friday (I drove and there was also Lirlys, Aidu and ninnu-chan with me, we danced macarena while driving at Pieksämäki, yes, I did dance a little too xD I wonder how we got there safely xD) and slept that night at a gym.. I the first night was okay, I slept quite well, but it was cold, so that wasn't so nice :( Also the fact that you couldn't cover the windows of the gym at all didn't please me, I woke up around 6am because of that :(
Also I hated that toilet they had in the girls dressing room. It was filthy and smelled like piss, I had to hold my breath there, ugh. Awful.
But here's some pictures from saturday morning:
It's Aidu behind the camera and yes, ninnu-chan is gluing those stings(?) to her leg :D 
And here's me, haha D:

Then we went to the place where Bakacon was held, and it was Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni. It was in the middle of Pieksämäki, so stores and other places were near :) I didn't like the indoors that much, it was kinda small place.. But I did like the outdoors :) It had lots of space and there was this beautiful lake near :)
I was with ninnu-chan at the morning and we went to see a panel about crossplay, I did gain a lot of information, so now I can help my friend to improve as crossplayer and maybe use some tricks myself (I'm supposed to crossplay Calude from Kuroshitsuji at Animecon this summer :S).. But after that panel we finally found Lineartt and Mollamaija (we went to Meuwcon with them so we kinda had a reunion at Bakacon :D) 
Whole group, from left to right: Mollamaija, me, ninnu-chan and Lineartt :)
We are so beautiful~

The rest of the Saturday went hanging out with them, we listened to music and tooked some pictures, here's some of me:

yes, the water was cold at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly :D
(pictures are taken by ninnu-chan)

We also went to this party that was held, but I didn't take any pictures there and we were there only 1,5 hours, so.. Nothing much to say about that party :) I liked some songs and the organizers had really putted effort to it :) So credits of it to them :)

I didn't cosplay on sunday, I was too tired (I woke up at night when some guy coughed and it just didn't stop! -___-)
But I did attend to this panel about props that was held by Elffi. The panel was great, I got to know about lots of things that I didn't know before but why in the hell it was held in that small room?!?!?!? I don't understand the organizers in this :( But hopefully he'll do another panel to some other convention, if he does, I'm so gonna be there to listen again, every tip about making props is welcome :D

We also went to see a panel about make-ups.. Well, I liked the atmosphere but I didn't really learn anything new.. It was good for people that are beginners at doing make-ups, but.. I watch a lot of tutorials and also do different make-ups at home when I'm bored (to train myself! :D) so.. I know stuff allready and did hope for some new tips.. And if only they had shown more about how to fasten a beard, but.. yeah.. They could have shown less of their own tutorials (everyone can go youtube and watch those then, they could have given some addresses to their accounts or something) and talked about the facts of doing scars etc. more.. Maybe next time? Hopefully..

That's pretty much all of it!
But I have to say that the level of finnish cosplay has improved. I was really amazed of the fact that so many cosplays were so good :)

And btw, next Bakacon is going to be held in 2013, so you have to wait for the next one :(

And here's a post (in finnish) about Bakacon. Watch that viddie, you'll see me in it xD And in the another viddie I'm filming it and you can hear me speaking, wow? x'D
Another posts about Bakacon can be found from here (in finnish):


Monday, May 16, 2011

Behind the camera

Before I get to my point (as you can guess, I have been shooting with someone and I as behind the camera again :D) I'll tell you something~
I was at BakaCon last weekend (like I told you :D) and it was pretty great :D I'm waiting for getting pictures of all the people who toked any pictures of me, then I have all the footage of that BakaCon weekend and can do a post about that :) And then another thing: I didn't cosplay Gumi or Sheryl, I cosplayed someone that ain't known that well in Finland and I'll tell you who that person was in the next post :) So wait for it :D

And now to the real subject of this post:
I was at the studio again, this time shooting with ninnu-chan. I was behind the camera and she cosplayed as Anarchy Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

This photoshoot with her wasn't really any different than the one that I had with YumiKoyuki. (Pictures of that shoot can be found from here (blog post about it) and here (dA, my account for my photography).) But we did go a little further with explorer different methods more and that kind of stuff. And I guess it halped a little that the character (Panty) is so easy with inventing different poses. With some characters it's harder if you want to be truthful to the character.

But here's some pictures, photography is by me and I also have edited these pictures:

This first one has nothing to do with the character (well it did, until I started to fool around, hah :D) But here are those that are more like Panty:

And then there's still a lot more pictures that I could add here, but I think these are enough :)

Hopefully I'll get some more pictures from BakaCon so that I can post about it soon :)
and I hope that you enjoyed these pictures. :)