Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm going to start this cosplay year cosplaying Gwendolyn and Meiko, I havent progressed that much, but I have the wigs, and finally I'm able to add some pictures of those :)

Just to remind people, here's again a picture of Gwendolyn:

And here's the wig I'm going to use:

I don't think that blond hair suits me that much but maybe I've been wrong about that.. :) Next thing that I'm gonna do is those faschinators she has and modify this wig a little :) Next pictures of this cosplay then~

And I also have the wig for my Meiko cosplay, but first a picture of Meiko:

And then some picture's of the wig:

I have to make some waves to my wig and add a bow to it, but it's pretty perfect in any other ways :) I can't wait to start making this cosplay~ :)

That's all now, I have another things in progress too, but I don't have any pictures at the moment and I'm waiting for finishing them before I'm gonna do a post of those, put I'm in progress with Medusa's nails and MArgaret's book so :) I guess I'm gonna post about those pretty soon :) But untill then~

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