Friday, March 11, 2011

Medusa's nails

I finished those nails for my Medusa cosplay yesterday and made a little tutorial:

I'm pretty pleased with those, but.. I was going to do these differently at first.. I thought of making the arrows with paper and just adding them to it but then I made them with nail polish.. oh well, we'll see if I'm going to re-do these xD But hopefully you enjoy that video :) I'm also gonna (FINALLY!!!) do that paper rose tutorial too.. Yesterday I downloaded trial version of Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 so now it's a lot easier for me to do tutorials xD

And I'm also gonna work with "Le Grimoire" (Margaret's book) this week-end :) So I guess I'm gonna post something about that too :)

I have a new cosplay project ;D I'm going to make that cosplay for Bakacon and then also for photoshoots (I'm so gonna have one in Porvoo's old town!!!) and cosplay picnics (I wanna!!) :D So if someone is interested in having a photoshoot and cosplay picnic in Porvoo: comment!! :D

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