Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to make paper roses

I finally finished making this tutorial! :D Hopefully it's any help for people who asked for it~ :D Enjoy~

Song 1: Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku
Song 2: Palette World Breakdown - Hatsune Miku

Btw, I bought pair of high heels today from flea market that I could use in "Little Red Riding Hood" cosplay or in my Margaret cosplay.. I'm not sure wich one ;;__;; I could always first paint them red and then before Tracon paint them blue.. hmm..


  1. Hello!
    Thank you so much for the roses tip, since fake roses are freakin' expensive, this will be veeeeery helpul!:D
    I have a question though, how did you attached the roses to the underskirt? I wanted to find a way to attach them to a wire, but I'm afraid that they will break...
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi, Kira! :)
    I'm happy that my tuto was any help for you, I made my roses this way just because of that reason, for the same price you get A LOT more roses this way :D
    I made a underskirt out of cotton, added some metal wire to the border (to get the round shape) and then just used hot glue to attach the roses to the skirt :) And they have stayed to way they were all this time :)

  3. Thank you for your answer :D The roses were the number one problem in this costume so... Okay, I was worried that it would eventually come off if I glued them on a wire... But hey if it worked for you, I hope that it will be the same for me xD
    And you used 80cm of paper for each rose? Wow that's a lot of paper if you made 111 of them x)
    Once again, thank you sooo much for your help!

  4. No problem! :)
    Yeah, I know xD
    Well, if it's hot glue, then it's fine, but if you use some other glue.. I don't know :D
    That's a lot of paper xD But you always get many roses from one "pack" so.. :D it's pretty cheap :D
    It's okay, I'm just happy that I was any help! :) And if something comes up just ask me! :)