Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fangirl giggle and a happy dance~

This has nothing to do with cosplay, but I'm so happy and exited about this so I can't help myself of writing this! :D

GRELL SUTCLIFF HAS APPEARED IN THE MANGA OF KUROSHITSUJI AGAIN (his last appearance in the manga was when he killed Madam, if someone didn't know that :D)
I'm so happy I could die<3 :'D You can read the newest chapter here!

If you ram such a BIIIG thing into her, she will break~

And then something important!
Prayers From Cosplayers is an international campaign and it's purpose is to support japanese anime and manga fans :) Any cosplayer can take part in it all you need to do is take a picture of yourself in your cosplay while your holding a plaque wich has Japan's flag on it and maybe some encouraging words :) You can add your picture there by pressing that "entry" button on their page :) I'm going to take part and I really hope that people who read this will do that too :)

BTW, my blogs pageviews has reached over 10 000~ :D Thank you all so much~ :D


  1. Onnea 10 000 sivunkatselusta! :D
    Oli pakko kantaa oma korteni kekoon ja laittaa kuva tuonne Prayers From Cosplayers-sivustolle. Hehe ;P

  2. kiitos :D
    Ja huomasinkin, että olit ehtinyt tehä ton jopa ennen mua!! :O
    Mutta mullakin on nytten kuvattuna kuva, muokkaan vaan mun ihanan huoneen pois taustalta xD