Sunday, February 27, 2011

Updated cosplay list

Hello! It's time for me to update my upcoming cosplays there's some sure and unsure cosplays, but I'm gonna list all of those here :) I'm gonna start making my first cosplay for this year asap (that is by this weekend or next) :) So I'm finally starting to post something more interesting, like progress pictures etc :)

Certain cosplays(about in the order I'm gonna do these):

Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere) - Bakacon (maybe: Desucon)
I'm gonna start with this cosplay, I've only dreamed of doing this for a while and now that I have a wig I'm so gonna finally do it! :3 I'm also looking for someone who could cosplay Oswald (that costume wich is linked, not that armor one) and join me at Tampere Kuplii :) and of course I would love to have some other Odin Sphere characters with me, heh :D

Meiko (Vocaloid 2, Madness of Duke Venomania-version) - Desucon
We're having the whole group to Desucon, yay! :D We're having all characters and I can't wait for Desucon, it's gonna be so much fun :)
Miku: Lily, Gumi: Ane-ue, Gakupo: Myrf and I don't know the nicks of our Luka and Kaito :')

Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater) - Animecon
We're having a small group, atm, there's me as Medusa, Lily as Patty and then Sowah as DtK :) Can't wait, can't wait~ :D

Claude Faustus (Kuroshitsuji II) - Animecon
My first real (and maybe last xD) crossplay :') (I don't count that Zero crossplay from last summer xD) We'll see how I can pull him off.. :') I've done one make-up test but.. I think that hair does a lot too so with my hair I still look kinda girly but.. I'm sure I can make a man out of me xD Here's what characters we have in our group cosplay: Sebastian: Cloudaaja, Ciel: Lily, Alois: Ninnu, Claude: me, Grell: Sowah

Rapunzel (Zettai Meikyuu Grimm) - Animecon
This cosplay is so.. cute :') And my fetish for bows is back x'D (last summer I was asked by my friends if I have some kind of fetish for bows, 'cause the characters that I cosplayed had bows~) Can't wait for this :3

Umi Ryuuzaki (Magic Knight Rayearth, Hydro Power-version) - Tracon
I think that these outfits was my idea(? correct if I'm wrong, guys xD) 'cause I didn't want to do any of those armors or school uniforms.. I wanted to do this.. :3 This has it's own challenges and I love the outfit (and the character too, of course :D) In our group there is: Emeraude: Ninnu, Hikaru: Milla, Fuu: Lily, Umi: me, Presea: Rigetzu :) And do we have Mokona too? :D I'm not sure about that so it would bee nice if someone told me :')

Margaret(Persona 4) - Tracon and/or Desucon
What can I say? I love this character and can't wait to be able to cosplay her :) I have almost made that book "Le Grimoire" I just have to add some details to the cover and I'm done :) (I made everything by myself, even the pages, so I didn't just buy some book and cover it ;D)

That is what I'll definetly cosplay this year :) There is some cosplays that I want to do, but I'm not sure if I'm capable to do those.. :S

ps. I have the feeling that this list may change again after sometime, but I try to keep it like this :D

pps. I'll try to post something related to my progress soon :D and if there's something people wanna know just comment :D

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