Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poll has ended!

I decided to close the poll allready, 'cause I haven't received any new votes for 2 days now and I really wanna post about how the poll ended before I can go and tell all about what I'm gonna cosplay this year (some of my plans have already changed and costumes have swithed conventions, etc, so I really need to do an update!!)

So to the result of my poll:

Lady Amalthea got 5 (38%) votes and
Gwendolyn got 6 (46%) votes and won this poll :')

So I guess I'm gonna do both this spring/summer (if I have time!!) :) I also have added some more conventions into my calendar that I'm gonna attend (Tampere Kuplii, Bakacon, maybe Ropecon and again, Tsukicon) so I have more space now for my extra cosplays :)

I'm gonna publish my list of cosplays pretty soon, I believe that is by the end of the week :) So, see ya soon~

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