Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello everybody!

It's been a while from my last post, I did get my wig already, but I've been thinking.. It lacks some fibres so I think I'm gonna buy another one (same wig) and then tranfer fibres from one wig to another and that way have more dense wig for my Margaret cosplay..


I don't wanna waste this wig just like that, I want to use it before destroying it :) Soo.. Here's some options that I have (and wich I would love to do):

Lady Amalthea (from The Last Unicorn)

This would be easy and a fun cosplay (I already have some photoshoot ideas if I do this ;D)


Gwendolyn (from Odin Sphere)

It's the version when she has her mother's gown :) I have already checked possible feathers that I could use and fabrics :)

Now I'm starting a poll of wich cosplay I should make or should I make both :D So go on and answer :D And also comment to this post so I'll know what reasons people have to vote for one or to both cosplays :D

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  1. Huomaako sen, etten ole itsekään ihan ajantasalla kaikesta? Nii tulikin hahhahhaa...