Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Progress?

I've been busy and haven't really made any progress lately.. BUT! Now I have purchased a wig for my Margaret cosplay! :) It's gonna be here in 10-20 days from today :') So then I get to modify it and stuff~ :3

That's Margaret, as people remember (if not, go check my post here!) and here's the wig:

So.. It is straight, but it's no big deal to do some curls/waves :') So when I get it I'm gonna modify it and of course, do a tutorial of it :)

I also have progressed in my Meiko cosplay (part 3 of my cosplay plans is coming soon, more about that then ;D) I have the wig and I just bought the most perfect red nailpolish xD (yes, I think that's some progress!! :) )

I'm also gonna (finally!) do that rose tutorial this weekend!! wuut! :) So wait for it ;D

With love, Kimmy~

ps. if someone knows a good place where you can buy contacts, link it for me, please? :')


  1. Oletan, että kaipaat värillisiä piilareita:P Jos ei tarvitse olla vahvuuksia, niin saa vahvat suositukset täältä suunnalta. Nopea toimitus, edullisemmat hinnat kuin suomessa ja ainakin omat ostokset olleet juuri sitä mitä pitikin.

    Ja oikean kynsilakan löytäminen on oleellinen osa pukuprosessia :D

  2. Oikein oletettu, unohdinkin ihan mainita asiasta tuossa, hupsis :')
    Kiitos linkistä! :D Omat piilari ongelmat on nyt ratkaistu! :)

    Heh, sitähän minäkin :3