Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Progress?

I've been busy and haven't really made any progress lately.. BUT! Now I have purchased a wig for my Margaret cosplay! :) It's gonna be here in 10-20 days from today :') So then I get to modify it and stuff~ :3

That's Margaret, as people remember (if not, go check my post here!) and here's the wig:

So.. It is straight, but it's no big deal to do some curls/waves :') So when I get it I'm gonna modify it and of course, do a tutorial of it :)

I also have progressed in my Meiko cosplay (part 3 of my cosplay plans is coming soon, more about that then ;D) I have the wig and I just bought the most perfect red nailpolish xD (yes, I think that's some progress!! :) )

I'm also gonna (finally!) do that rose tutorial this weekend!! wuut! :) So wait for it ;D

With love, Kimmy~

ps. if someone knows a good place where you can buy contacts, link it for me, please? :')

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just For Fun

I've been really bored, 'cause I can't start any new projects in a while, so I went through some old convention pictures yesterday, found that and edited it a bit (read: a lot) and decided to upload it here :) Hopefully you like it :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Photoshoots and other stuff~

It's been a while from my last photoshoot, it was held 2nd december and.. it's been over a month already!! :O But now I'm finally able to post those pictures! :)
This photoshoot was the one that I talked about (atleast I remember so..), that studio photoshoot :) And cosplay that I had in that photoshoot was Doll from Kuroshitsuji! :)

Here's some pictures:

There's 3 of them, I liked those the best, so that's why I only have 3 photos to show you, sorry :(

And today when I was driving home I tought that it would be awesome to have a photoshoot soon.. So.. I decided to have it today xD In Finland it's dark about 4pm and.. I was home 3.30pm.. So.. I was in a hurry, but I really wanted to have some kind of a photoshoot, small or not xD My bro was kind enough and tooked some pictures, this picture is also a thank you for 5000 pageviews here in my blog and hopefully I'll reach that same amount of pageviews in dA, then I can post this picture there too:

So thank you for 5000 pageviews! :)

And, if there's something you want me to post or talk about you can mail me: :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011! :)

I'm sorry it's been awhile since I wrote anything, but I'll try my best to now do everything that I've promised! :) I've just been busy with school, my vacation was way too short!! ;;__;;

But now it's 2011 and I think it's time to look back at year 2010 :) Here's my cosplays from the year 2010! :)

First was Princess Peach from Super Mario game series :) I made this cosplay to my Penkkarti (it's a tradition in Finland that when ur about to graduate from high school you dress up to a theme and you go around in cars etc and throw candy and stuff at people and then go party.. or something like that xD)

This cosplay was done in 2-3 days xD And now that I look at it, I know I could have done a lot better job with it :S Well, I think I'm gonna do another Peach cosplay this year, so I'll have another chance xD (btw, I used that wig as a base for my Doll-wig ;D)

My second cosplay was Magnet-version on Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid 2! :) This I made for a convention that was held in Lahti, Finland! :) And it was Desucon :)

I most say that I like this cosplay really a lot and I use that dress even when not cosplaying xD

Then I went to this convention called Tracon that was held in Tmapere, Finland :) I cosplayed as Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji and Mikuru Asahina from The Extravaganza of Haruhi Suzumiya (rock band-version)

I like parts of my cosplay but hated the hat and my wig (it's really awful, ugh!) Btw, I don't know who's that Robin Ciel :(

And that's my Mikuru-cosplay :) I made it already at the summer 2009 but wasn't able to wear it before that convention :) I also had tambourine that she plays in the band xD

And I also went to a convention in Sweden (Meuwcon 03, Stockholm)! :) There I cosplayed again as Madam Red, but I bought new wig and made my cosplay more fitting :) And I also cosplayed as Lulu from Final Fantasy X and X-2, but I didn't finish it in time so it was and still is w.i.p. :')

And as Grell, Sowah! :)

And that's my still w.i.p. Lulu cosplay :')

When I came back to Finland I was pretty sure that I wasn't gonna do any cosplays untill next spring, but then it hit me: Tsukicon! So I cosplayed Doll from Kuroshitsuji (after many other plans, like Berry from Tokyo MewMew, lol? :'D I still wanna do it though xD)

And I finally have those studio pics, more coming soon~ :D

Well, that was all I did at 2010.. BUT! There's still more!

I also tried crossplay, maybe some people remember that? :D

It's Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight :) This cosplay is made by Lily! I just tried it on, lol xD And we had another photoshoot too, in that I used her Houjou Satoko (from Higurashi-series) cosplay :)

I also had a lot of different wig tests but, I'm not gonna upload those into this post :) I've had some new wig tests, about those later and hopefully I'll be able to download those studio pics soon~ :D Have a nice 2011! :)

Pictures taken by:
Hanna Sahari
Saara Kallio
and Elina Rowland