Monday, December 6, 2010

Cosplay Plans! (part 1)

Well, my list of cosplays have changed a lot from my last plans.. But it's just because of that one convention was cancelled from next summer and I'm not sure if I'm able attend to more than 3 con's next year in Finland :S But here's some cosplays that will stay! :)

Desucon 2011:
- Reira Serizawa (from NANA)
- Margaret (from Persona 4)

First off with Reira.
I'm not sure wich outfit I would like to do.. There's so many, buuuut.. I think I've found the outfit I'll do :) I couldn't find a good pic of the outfit on Reira, so.. Here's a pic of Umi-Kani cosplaying her:

So.. I may do that white dress :) I'm still thinking about it :) This is a group cosplay where Wish4Eternity07 is Nana and Cloudaaja is gonna cosplay Ren :) Btw, it would be fun to have other characters as well ;D

And then Margaret.. Well, I was gonna cosplay shadow Yukiko, but.. I just like this character better :) And the costume has it's own challenges (wich Yukikos shadow outfit don't have at all) :) Here's some pics~

I'm so excited and I've allready made plans how to do this cosplay!! :) I can't wait to start making this :3

And it would be nice if I had Elizabeth (she's Margaret's sister and is seen in Persona 3) and/or Theodore (from Persona 3 Portable)! :) But it would be fun to have other P4 characters too :)
There was my cosplays for Desucon! :)

I'm going to post my cosplay plans to Tracon 2011 and Animecon 2011 in the near future, so stay tuned! :)

And I've promised that rose tutorial, I'm gonna add it soon too :) And then I just have to go through some Doll pictures and then I'm gonna post some Doll pictures here too~ :)


  1. Tuosta Margaretista: meillä on ensi vuodelle tulossa ryhmä, jossa on kaikki hahmot mukana tästä kahdeksan hengen päähenkilökaartista (Rise hieman kyseenalainen tosin vielä) + Dojima, että jos kiinnostaa, uskon että mukaan saa lyöttäytyä. :)

  2. Hei tosiaankin kiinnostaisi! :) että jos mukaan saa lyöttäytyä niin mielelläni sitten tulisin messiin.. :)