Monday, December 20, 2010

About Reira!

I did add a picture of a cosplayer cosplaying the outfit that Reira has but now I was finally able to find that outfit, the outfit is the one from this part in the viddie: 0:41-1:18

Cosplay Plans! (part 2)

Here we go again, it's time for me to reveal some other plans that I have made for the coming summer! :) This time it's all about:

Animecon 2011:
- Angelina Durless aka Madam Red (from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
- Medusa Gorgon (from Soul Eater)
- Umi Ryuuzaki (from Magic Knight Rayearth)
- Secret ;D

As people may remeber, I have already cosplayed Madam Red, but this time, the outfit is different. This time it's time for Jack The Ripper-version, or some people might say that it's her regular outfit, because that's the outfit that she wears in the anime.. But in manga, she wears this outfit when Ciel and Sebastian find "Jack The Ripper".. :)
Here's some pictures~

Again, I'm in a group cosplay, this time it's with Wish4Eternity07 as Ciel :) And I'm gonna ask some of my friends if they'd be interested to cosplay as Sebastian and Grell :) But if someone is interested to join our group, just ask for a part :)

Okay, then I'm also gonna cosplay Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater. I've started reading the manga and I love it, and this character has something that makes me wanna cosplay her :) And this is a character that I would love to cospay again after this, but off with the pictures~

This is her.. Witch outfit? :') But still, I'm gonna do this.. And maybe in the future I'm gonna do the one she has when she's in Shibusen as a school nurse.. :) This time Sowah is gonna cosplay DtK (Death the Kid), and Wish4Eternity07 may or may not cosplay Patty, that's still unsure, but we have talked about it! :) Btw, I'm not sure about the snake tattoos on her arms.. Because in the anime those r black but in the manga they're actually red.. So what color should I use when I make those? What do you think? :/

Then my third cosplay to Animecon 2011 is Umi Ryuuzaki.. And the outfit is still Hydro Power (I wrote about that in August in my post: Cosplay Plans For Summer 2011)

So we're having a big group coming up :) But we don't have all characters, so if someone is interested just ask! ;D

And then.. There's this big and secret group cosplay ;D we're keeping it as a secret, but I'll tell you what it is when Animecon 2011 is nearer ;D

That's my plans for Animecon 2011~

Btw, I've started making Margaret.. Well.. Just her book though xD I could just buy a book and then do the cover in a right way, but.. I decided to do the whole book myself, I've sewed pages together and stuff.. Progress pictures coming up soon! :3

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm sorry, this post is now only in finnish, but I'm working on my next cosplay plans post so wait for it ;D

Nyt sitten asiaan! :)

Kaikille suomalaisille ja sellaisille, jotka pääsisivät porvooseen seuraavan 3 päivän aikana (ma-ke)! Porvoossa eräs kangaskauppa lopetti jo jokin aikaa sitten, ja he myivät kankaita ja kalusteita halvalla pois, mutta heille kuitenkin jäi paljon varastoon ja loppu varasto nyt myydään pois! Kaikki kankaat ovat vain 3 e/m, joten voisin sanoa että halpaa on! :)

Itse aion huomenna mennä käymään, katselemaan cosseihini kankaita ja muutenkin, toivottavasti siellä olisi vielä paljon kankaita myynnissä, jotta saisin mitä haluan ja tarvitsen! :)

Osoite oli muuten.. Lundinkatu 2! :) Siinä oli ennen Helgen Kone (jos siis joku sattuisi tietämään, heh.. Ja ennen Helgen Konetta siinä oli jokin kirppari ;D) mutta sinne on helppo löytää, kun kulkee Lundinkatua alas Jokikadulle, liike on tien oikealla puolella! :) Tälläista siis tällä erään, see ya soon~

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cosplay Plans! (part 1)

Well, my list of cosplays have changed a lot from my last plans.. But it's just because of that one convention was cancelled from next summer and I'm not sure if I'm able attend to more than 3 con's next year in Finland :S But here's some cosplays that will stay! :)

Desucon 2011:
- Reira Serizawa (from NANA)
- Margaret (from Persona 4)

First off with Reira.
I'm not sure wich outfit I would like to do.. There's so many, buuuut.. I think I've found the outfit I'll do :) I couldn't find a good pic of the outfit on Reira, so.. Here's a pic of Umi-Kani cosplaying her:

So.. I may do that white dress :) I'm still thinking about it :) This is a group cosplay where Wish4Eternity07 is Nana and Cloudaaja is gonna cosplay Ren :) Btw, it would be fun to have other characters as well ;D

And then Margaret.. Well, I was gonna cosplay shadow Yukiko, but.. I just like this character better :) And the costume has it's own challenges (wich Yukikos shadow outfit don't have at all) :) Here's some pics~

I'm so excited and I've allready made plans how to do this cosplay!! :) I can't wait to start making this :3

And it would be nice if I had Elizabeth (she's Margaret's sister and is seen in Persona 3) and/or Theodore (from Persona 3 Portable)! :) But it would be fun to have other P4 characters too :)
There was my cosplays for Desucon! :)

I'm going to post my cosplay plans to Tracon 2011 and Animecon 2011 in the near future, so stay tuned! :)

And I've promised that rose tutorial, I'm gonna add it soon too :) And then I just have to go through some Doll pictures and then I'm gonna post some Doll pictures here too~ :)