Saturday, November 20, 2010

Report of Tsukicon 2010

I attended this year Tsukicon and I cosplayed Doll from Kuroshitsuji there.. It was held on 13-14.11.2010 but I only went there on 14.11.2010 :)
My friend Milla came there with me and I'm so happy that she did come, 'cause I think that I wouldn't have gone there if she hadn't camed :)

What did I think of this convention?
Well, Tsukicon is a fashion and music con so as a cosplayer I didn't enjoy it xD But it was still pretty good, I think :)
There was some interesting things like an auction and fashion show etc :)

But I didn't like the fact that there was stuff going on on the 1st floor and on the 5th floor and you had to climb those stairs all the time, it was really tiresome :(

Here's some pictures of that con and people who attended it :)
Photographer is Milla Laine, I haven't taken any of these pics :)

I may attend Tsukicon again next year, but I don't know.. :( Maybe not, If I'm able to go to London Expo next year I won't attend Tsukicon xD (Yeah, I really wanna go to London next year :) )

I'm gonna do a post of my Doll cosplay soon and then I'm gonna talk about my next cosplays too, so stay tuned :)


  1. Onnee vaa London expoo.. :)
    ja "tulla"-verbi taivutetaa muute come-came-come.. :)

  2. Se on vaan sellanen haave/toive ens vuodelle xD
    no sori jos välillä tulee kirjoitusvirheitä x'D