Friday, November 5, 2010

Doll - Something about my progress

I've been making my Doll cosplay and my week-end will be extremly busy, I have a lot to do and I guess I have to take my sewing machine to the dorm with me.. :S (I have to finish this cosplay by next friday, so.. :S)

I've done some things and I have done more than what u'll see in these pictures..
I'll finish the wig tomorrow (I have to put there those damn feathers) I didn't find the right kind of feathers, but I can't help it I guess :/ And my shoes r ready and 1 sock (haven't gotten any pictures yet) and sleaves are in progress etc :) But to the pictures:

I guess I'll upload my cosplay progress next time when I've finished it! :) So, untill then! :)

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