Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just some thoughts of Doll cosplay

I've been thinking what kind of shoes should I get to my Doll cosplay? :S

And I think that ballet shoes would be best ones :) I already have checked some out and..

These Sasha Pro shoes seem to be the best ones.. :S they cost only 21 euros (as new) and those seem to be the only ones that I can get as white.. So.. I guess I have to get those.. :)

That's all that's new, bye~


  1. hi, how are the new shoes? will they be shown at pics? best wishes

  2. here you can see how my shoes turned out to be: :)

    also you can find pictures of my Doll cosplay from here:

    so my shoes turned out to be nice, but I didn't use those Sasha Pro shoes, I just bought some like those from a supermarket :'D

  3. hi, thanks for the reply. niceif the shoes are nice. :)
    you are looking cute with them. ^^
    best wishes.

  4. The hsoes would be great for cosplay of "Hikari no Densetsu" too, i think.

  5. *goes to google it*
    Wow, I didn't even know there was this kind of series about gymnastics! :D
    I'm pretty sure, that they would be great for that too :)

  6. ha ha :D
    So your next photoproject could start. :D

  7. How much are the shoes?

  8. The ones in this blog post or the ones I bought and modified? :'D

    The ones in this blog post costs 21 euros as new (about ~29 USD)
    and the ones I actually bought was about 10 euros (about ~14 USD)

  9. Yed, i meant that shoes you used for your costume.
    10€ is a good price for i think.