Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cosplay plans to Tsukicon

Well.. I've been thinking and I've now made my mind of what I should cosplay at Tsukicon :)

I'm not sure if I'm going there for both day or not, but.. :) At least I'm going there on saturday :)

And I'm going to cosplay Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl.. :)

I've been thinkin of cosplaying her for a while and.. It is really easy and fast to do (her school uniform, that is :) ) so I can do it.. :) I'm pretty busy with school and I live at my school dorm and I don't wanna take my sewing machine to the dorm so.. :S

But yeah, I'm going to do her school uniform :) I would love to make her kimono, but it would took too much of my time :S And I wanna do it perfectly.. :)

Other thing is that I was asked into a group cosplay.. But I'm not sure if I want to cosplay this character or not..

She's a music teacher from K-On! :) I think that I would be capable to do her, but I still have to think about it.. :) But I'll do Enma first and then think about other characters :) And I'm only doing this, if I'm going to Tsukicon on sunday too :) So we'll see about that later on :)

And.. I'm turning 19 on first of november (1.11) :) And I invited some friends to a little photoshoot on 30.10 and that would be held in the old town of porvoo :) If people r interested, you can join us :) and after that we're just hanging and on the evening it's bar time :')

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