Saturday, October 9, 2010

About skincare

I think that taking care of your skin is the most important thing for a cosplayer :) If your skin is awful.. Well, you can always try to cover it with make-up, but you can't always succeed :)

So.. I'm going to talk about how I take care of my skin and if it helps someone, that's great! :)

Firstly, I always wash my make-up away in the evening.. Well, sometimes I'm lazy and don't do that, but I think that everyone should do it!! :D
And I have make-up free days too :) Like today and tomorrow I won't put any make-up on! :) So it's a make up free week-end :)

And, every morning and evening I use this product:

It's "Pure Calmille" from Yves Rocher and you can find this product from here, click!
It's a cheap and I like that smell it has xD And I like this product also 'cause it's organic camomilla, 100% pure, that is :) And it's a 2 in 1 :D It has toner and cleanser in a same package! :) Easy, cheap and wonderful<3 :) BUT! You have to remember to moisturize your skin after it, of course :) Because if you just leave your skin after using toner and cleanser, it will turn dry and then you might get pimples :( No one want those, right? :( As a day cream I've used this:
And as a night cream it's this:

But you can get these two in same package, it's a test one :)

I have this test package :) And well.. I like those products :) But I hate the way those smell xD But I like the thing that those are cheaper than some other products but still as good :)

So.. I think that's pretty much how I treat my skin :) And it's mostly good but.. You can see when I've been lazy and haven't been taking good care of it :) That's why I posted this, just so that I can share how I take care of my skin and wake everyone to think if they take good care of their skin :)

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