Friday, October 29, 2010

New Vocaloid

I know that this has nothing (and everything ;D) to do with cosplay.. BUT! This was so big thing (atleast that's my opinion, you know? NEW VOCALOID = new vocaloid to cosplay ;D) I'm lazy (it's already late) so I'll just use copy-paste:

"Some of you may know Piko, a famous singer of Nico Nico Douga, whose voice is like a girls, but also can sing in a male voice, although they are male (here is an example of his voice link!). He will have his own Vocaloid, called Utatane Piko. He is to be distributed by Sony Music Distribution, although his developer is not known as of now. Piko can be pre-ordered now, and will be released on th 8th of December. Here is an image of the new Vocaloid link!
You may think it looks a lot like Miki (ahoge, fringe, long shirt/dress) and CV Series (futuristic clothes, Piko's logo, black sleeves), but they may not be related,

"Utatane" means "dozing, nap, siesta"."

And that text is taken from here!

And here's the picture of this new Vocaloid Utatane Piko ;D

I have to admit, that I like the desing.. :)


I have progressed in my Doll cosplay! :) So, I'll add some pictures here (and a tutorial how to make those damn roses! Someone really asked for that ;D) :P But I'm having my B-Day on monday, so.. Some friends are coming over tomorrow and then on sunday some ganparents are coming, etc.. So I'm busy, we'll see when I'm able to post those progress pictures! :S

Saturday, October 9, 2010

About skincare

I think that taking care of your skin is the most important thing for a cosplayer :) If your skin is awful.. Well, you can always try to cover it with make-up, but you can't always succeed :)

So.. I'm going to talk about how I take care of my skin and if it helps someone, that's great! :)

Firstly, I always wash my make-up away in the evening.. Well, sometimes I'm lazy and don't do that, but I think that everyone should do it!! :D
And I have make-up free days too :) Like today and tomorrow I won't put any make-up on! :) So it's a make up free week-end :)

And, every morning and evening I use this product:

It's "Pure Calmille" from Yves Rocher and you can find this product from here, click!
It's a cheap and I like that smell it has xD And I like this product also 'cause it's organic camomilla, 100% pure, that is :) And it's a 2 in 1 :D It has toner and cleanser in a same package! :) Easy, cheap and wonderful<3 :) BUT! You have to remember to moisturize your skin after it, of course :) Because if you just leave your skin after using toner and cleanser, it will turn dry and then you might get pimples :( No one want those, right? :( As a day cream I've used this:
And as a night cream it's this:

But you can get these two in same package, it's a test one :)

I have this test package :) And well.. I like those products :) But I hate the way those smell xD But I like the thing that those are cheaper than some other products but still as good :)

So.. I think that's pretty much how I treat my skin :) And it's mostly good but.. You can see when I've been lazy and haven't been taking good care of it :) That's why I posted this, just so that I can share how I take care of my skin and wake everyone to think if they take good care of their skin :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just some thoughts of Doll cosplay

I've been thinking what kind of shoes should I get to my Doll cosplay? :S

And I think that ballet shoes would be best ones :) I already have checked some out and..

These Sasha Pro shoes seem to be the best ones.. :S they cost only 21 euros (as new) and those seem to be the only ones that I can get as white.. So.. I guess I have to get those.. :)

That's all that's new, bye~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cosplay plans to Tsukicon

Well.. I've been thinking and I've now made my mind of what I should cosplay at Tsukicon :)

I'm not sure if I'm going there for both day or not, but.. :) At least I'm going there on saturday :)

And I'm going to cosplay Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl.. :)

I've been thinkin of cosplaying her for a while and.. It is really easy and fast to do (her school uniform, that is :) ) so I can do it.. :) I'm pretty busy with school and I live at my school dorm and I don't wanna take my sewing machine to the dorm so.. :S

But yeah, I'm going to do her school uniform :) I would love to make her kimono, but it would took too much of my time :S And I wanna do it perfectly.. :)

Other thing is that I was asked into a group cosplay.. But I'm not sure if I want to cosplay this character or not..

She's a music teacher from K-On! :) I think that I would be capable to do her, but I still have to think about it.. :) But I'll do Enma first and then think about other characters :) And I'm only doing this, if I'm going to Tsukicon on sunday too :) So we'll see about that later on :)

And.. I'm turning 19 on first of november (1.11) :) And I invited some friends to a little photoshoot on 30.10 and that would be held in the old town of porvoo :) If people r interested, you can join us :) and after that we're just hanging and on the evening it's bar time :')

Friday, October 1, 2010

Photoshooting As Madam Red

Hiya all! :)

It's been a while from my last post, but nothing really special haven't happened :) But I had this photoshoot on the old railway station of Porvoo :) It's still in usage, every summer saturday, that is :)

We had this photoshoot with my friend Lily and we did get some nice pics :) Some of these I love and some is just for fun and goofying around xD


I guess, I'm going to upload soon something of my process with my Doll cosplay from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler :)

And I've been playing Persona 4 a LOT lately and I really wanna do Shadow/Princess Yukiko Amagi cosplay :) It's my dream atm :') And maybe, just a big maybe, I'll do it to Tsukicon :) We'll see about that ;D