Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well.. I just noticed that I still have my account in Youtube xD I used to make AMVs :) I don't even remember why I did quit making those.. I still have many of my AMVs on my other laptop, I think I should take those to this new one :)

But still.. I've done collabs, MEPs and my own viddies xD So.. I'm going to put them up here ;D ALL that I can find from Youtube xD
This firt one is Pepper Productions MEP :) My part is the AerithXZack part ;D It reads NamineToLenne there :)

And here's a collab with my friend Lily :') I just can't help to love watching all these old viddies!! :)
So again, I'm the one with that NamineToLenne account :) Lily is that Wish4Eternity07 :)

This viddie is also a collab with Lily :)
My part is that first 2 minutes and hers the rest of it.. :D

And here's again collab with Lily xD This time her part comes first and mine starts about 1:42 :P

And now we finally get to viddies that are made by me, all the way xD I just keep on laughing at this first one:

I'm just thinking what did I think when I made this and I know I have some lot better viddies on my old laptop xD

More Kingdom Hearts xD I was such a fan girl :) (And I guess I still am xD)

I like this viddie, but there are things that I don't like :/

I haven't made this last viddie.. :) It's been done by Lily xD But it shows my OLD (really OLD) drawings xD I'm happy to see how much better I am these days :) Atleast I think that I'm a lot better now.. :)

Oh, and I love this song, It's Romeo and Juliet by Movetron :) It's in finnish.. :')

Yeah.. And now I'm thinking of starting to make AMVs xD I would love to start to make those again.. :) Especially Kuroshitsuji AMVs ;D

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