Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paper flower making

I'm going to cosplay Doll from Kuroshitsuji and I'm going to make all those roses she has by myself.. So that's why I've been searching throug www for advices and stuff :) I already know how to make those and all that I have to do now is to start making those dam roses xD

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well.. I just noticed that I still have my account in Youtube xD I used to make AMVs :) I don't even remember why I did quit making those.. I still have many of my AMVs on my other laptop, I think I should take those to this new one :)

But still.. I've done collabs, MEPs and my own viddies xD So.. I'm going to put them up here ;D ALL that I can find from Youtube xD
This firt one is Pepper Productions MEP :) My part is the AerithXZack part ;D It reads NamineToLenne there :)

And here's a collab with my friend Lily :') I just can't help to love watching all these old viddies!! :)
So again, I'm the one with that NamineToLenne account :) Lily is that Wish4Eternity07 :)

This viddie is also a collab with Lily :)
My part is that first 2 minutes and hers the rest of it.. :D

And here's again collab with Lily xD This time her part comes first and mine starts about 1:42 :P

And now we finally get to viddies that are made by me, all the way xD I just keep on laughing at this first one:

I'm just thinking what did I think when I made this and I know I have some lot better viddies on my old laptop xD

More Kingdom Hearts xD I was such a fan girl :) (And I guess I still am xD)

I like this viddie, but there are things that I don't like :/

I haven't made this last viddie.. :) It's been done by Lily xD But it shows my OLD (really OLD) drawings xD I'm happy to see how much better I am these days :) Atleast I think that I'm a lot better now.. :)

Oh, and I love this song, It's Romeo and Juliet by Movetron :) It's in finnish.. :')

Yeah.. And now I'm thinking of starting to make AMVs xD I would love to start to make those again.. :) Especially Kuroshitsuji AMVs ;D