Thursday, August 5, 2010

Madam Red - New Wig - FINALLY!!

YAY!! I finally have a new wig for my Madam Red cosplay!! :) And I must say, this wig is so soft and looks so good that it hurts!! :) Just look at it!! :)

I'm so pleased!! (And no, I'm not naked xD I do have clothes on me~) The colour of the wig is purrrrrfect!! :)

And I also received so nice gift from the seller! :) There was a cute gift bag and in it was 4 Kuroshitsuji "figures", they're only 4 cm tall, but so cute :) Two charas are Sebby and other two are Lau :) One of both is a stand-up figure and other two are keychains :)

Shipping of my wig was so fast too!! It came to Finland in 3 days!! :O So I can recommend CosMonde as your wig seller!! :) Here's link!!

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